Back in Time YouTube Channel Official Thread


Maybe the best music on the Commodore 64? well its mighty fine for sure… Moles have all the fun…


The amazing REV’s for the Commodore 64 is this weeks review, how does it stand up??


This week its Sturmwind, one of the new batch of recent games released for the old Dreamcast, its a rather brilliant shump… boom!


Great fighter with Samurai Shodown II for the Neo Geo. For the first time I also have a special guest with Todd from Todd’s Nerd Cave, he also spends a few minutes talking about his memories.


Didnt hold out much hope for this one, I was wrong, its great!


Well Mega Man stunk and nobody watched it :wink: so hoping for better luck this week :slight_smile:

Have a special guest with Neil from RetroManCave giving his feelings on the game, so really happy he gave his time to the show…


This week I take a look at Dropzone for the Commodore 64, now amazing as at the time a arcade conversion normally would mean a poor comparison… but not this time, you could argue (please do argue below :slight_smile: ) Dropzone is better than the Defender it looks to copy…


Show is 6 months old today, no cake though… its been a little ride…

Felt this game though had aged somewhat, just feels a little to choppy for its own good… impressive at the time, maybe a little hard to swallow now.


Can I confirm if anybody reads this :slight_smile:

This could be the best beat those suckers up ever!!


I had that for PS1. I remember taking it to a friend’s house and he tore his thumb open on the Dpad trying to play.


Guess he got a little carried away then :slight_smile:


Those PlayStation d-pads were not well-suited to fighting. I still think they suck.


Dreamcast D-Pad aint no better, but least we have the Arcade Stick to make us super battlers :wink:


The Dreamcast one was at least one solid piece of plastic above the controller face. It wasn’t great, but it was at least possible to do a consistent fireball motion with it. Better for the Neo Geo games than Capcom ones, though due to only four face buttons.

But yeah, I bought a joystick. :slight_smile:


Yeah Street Fighter EX + alpha left a permanent callous on my thumb, which actually turned out beneficial in the long run.

@BackInTimeSime you mention this a bit but do you like Capcom’s more cartoon stylized SNK characters? I think they did a great job with it, but I can’t say if it’s any better or worse than the SNK vs Capcom sprites for Capcom characters, which was also fantastic.


I do like the darker SNK look I have to admit, SNK vs Capcom on the MVS is pretty interesting seeing what SNK did with more control, shame the backgrounds where so lifeless… I have the MVS kit of SNK vs Capcom, I should take another look at that soon…

Why is the callous beneficial? :slight_smile:


Had a little vote on the Facebook group for what to review next… this winner was…


Nice! I have the disc for this one… I’ll have to bust it out soon.


BONUS BONUS BONUS, yep there is a might lot of that… but best shooter on the Geo… yer, it is…


Channel hit 500 subs, thank you everybody who has supported the show. A little extra weekend show!