Back in Time YouTube Channel Official Thread


Zombie Revenge got robbed


Zombie Revenge was at #11 :wink:


Congrats Sime. It’s the start of something special for sure.


Congrats on hitting 500 subs. What you’ll find is the next 500 will come around much quicker. Before you know it you’ll be at a thousand subs.


Thanks appriciate it…


Ohh I hope so, at times you cant help but let it wonder if its all worth it, so this little humps help, be wonderful though if the subs and views grow a little quicker now…


Congrats @BackInTimeSime Good things to come!


Thanks, I sure hope so.


Some important questions are asked this week…

  1. Is this Andrew Braybrooks greatest 16 bit game?
  2. Who the hell is Michael Atherton?


I dont watch much Football, only the World Cup, but this always puts you in the mood for some Sensible Soccer.


First robot dating sim? or a fighter from Capcom for the Dreamcast?

You decide!