Back in Time YouTube Channel Official Thread


Silent Scope for the Dreamcast… Mmmmm


Ahh a game that cost £1.99, Mastertronic games could be a load of old shizzle, but not this one, its a corker…


PC-Engine needs more love…


80’s had all the best bonkers idea’s… here is one…


Best Street Fighter Ever!!


I really need to get myself a PC Engine.


I really feel the most “retro” when playing it, everything about it is so sweet and cutsy… Blooming love everything about it… its the perfect retro plaything… :slight_smile:


I have only ever played a handful of games from that library, and I feel like I’m missing out.


You are… better sort that out :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking at Core Grafx systems and original PC Engine systems out of Japan, on ebay. Can’t really decide if I should do that or a Saturn first.

Just need to find the right deal.


Too right. The PC Engine has so many great games. I own one with the CD interface but I must admit I’m guilty of not making the most of owning it.


If you can afford the games, Saturn for sure. I think the PCE is a great system and I cannot wait to get one myself, but I do not think it’s in Saturn’s league.

I’m certain others will have different opinions, and they are probably better informed than me. But I really love the Saturn’s games, and its 2D graphical capabilities are unmatched by any other 240p home system. And I humbly think it is a more important piece of video game history in general.

PCE is an interesting piece of hardware, with some great retro games. But Saturn’s 2D offerings and arcade ports have never been topped to this day if you’re looking to play at native res on a CRT.

And I say this as someone who only recently got a Saturn over the last year or two.


I’d love to live in the alternate dimension where Sega Saturn “won” the 32-bit console wars. Imagine all the 2D stuff we didn’t get that those people are playing right now on another Earth!


I guess with the PC-Engine not getting a Europeon release, just makes it a little more exsotic to me… :slight_smile: Saturns clearly a great system also though I aint got one… so I am for sure bias :slight_smile:


I’ll be getting both for sure, it’s just a matter if what’s first.

Seems like Saturn may be the better choice, as the systems are much cheaper. I’d like to get a Japanese one and mod it to remove region lock, and allow for either an SD solution or burnable disks. I don’t think actually collecting Saturn titles is something I’d really bother with due to pricing.


Hey Simon, do you take requests?

I know I’ve talked about it several times on this board, but I’d love to hear an outside perspective on Crossroads I and II on the C64.


Not a game I know, I will try to take a looksy and see if I can give it the required attention :slight_smile:


Game of a lifetime they said, guess they may have been right, sure it has its problems (like its super slow), but oh boy, your imagination just went bonkers…


Got some shizzle donated, so reviewed his favourate (well one of) his favourate Neo Geo games…

I like the Neo stuff, but ohh boy the views on this one stink… Rock On Neo!!


Last blade is so darn cool. And your arcade cabinet is making me really jealous.