Best PSP model for playing PSP games on a PVM 20L5?

Basically, I want to play PSP games in as close to native res as possible on a CRT. How do I do that? I’ll be playing on a PVM 20L5, so I can likely support any oddball resolution.

I will likely not be using the system to play PS1 titles, so that is not a factor here.

I will likely be rocking standard official firmware.

I’ve narrowed it down to a PSP Go, PSP 2000 and PSP 3000, but am still not clear on what resolution each of these outputs at nor do I know whether they mandate borders around the play area - which wouldn’t bother me too much.

I could also go with a PSTV, and convert to SDI, but I assume that would likely be a scaled image too.


The best way as far as I know is a Go with the cradle. The Go’s appeal is that you can connect a Sixaxis/DS3 over Bluetooth to it. Then you need the cradle since it is the only way (iirc) that you can charge and output to your TV at the same time. I hear they are a high price item now because of that but I don’t know since I got mine on clearance when the system was dying.

Aside from that (the Go having Bluetooth connectivity) I don’t think any of the systems offer any advance over the other. They will all output the same odd as fuck resolution that you will either have to deal with or adjust your screen for or use some sort of scaler to make look right. Only thing I don’t have any knowledge or experience with is what the PSTV does.

I know I read that they output different resolutions. But I don’t remember what they were exactly.

When using the PSP with an external display, games are rendered at the 480 × 272 resolution of the PSP screen, rather than the standard 480p (720×480) resolution used for output. This means games are displayed with black windowboxing on the external display. To get around this limitation, an external video processor with picture zoom functionality is required.

480p, 720p and 1080i are supported, but the core graphics remain at the standard Vita 960x544 resolution, upscaled in a fairly rough manner. Video content is presented at full 720p
Eurogamer Vita TV hardware test

Btw if you want a cable that does TVout+power for the Go and don’t want to spend beaucoup dollars on the cradle I found and bought one from here:

I couldn’t find such a cable at all on eBay or Aliexpress when I was looking a few months ago and every other store I came across seemed to be out of stock, not sure if that’s still the situation though.

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That seems like a great alternative to the stupidly expensive dock.

Such an annoying design for the Go but I guess they did it to save space. I was going to post a PSA but I completely forgot about it until this thread. I know people on reddit have been looking for stock. If someone is registered on there feel free to post a link.

Yeah I managed to get a NIB dock for “only” $60 and NIB component cables for $15 last year but for anyone else looking to buy a PSP go at this point it’s great to see something else available cause neither are available for those prices anymore.

I hope the video quality is good through those 3rd party cables and that whatever they have for AC adapter doesn’t introduce a ton of noise.

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Just an update that I ordered one of these on your advice and received it recently. Their stock seems to be ticking down and it seems to be old stock they’ve found judging by the age of the plastic in the blister pack, so don’t sleep on this if you’re thinking about ordering one.