What display do you use with your PS2?

Widescreen HDTV and 480p, 4/3 SDTV? Or something else?

Mine is currently connected to a widescreen TV with Component, along with the Xbox and the Wii. But the more I think about it the less I see the point, as most of the games I own are 4/3 480i. I’m seriously considering moving the console to the old TV where it would be displayed at its original resolution instead of being upscaled, and where the picture would actually fill the display. But then, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the select few games that do high resolutions. But I would be able to replace the PSOne. But I love the PSOne, it’s so cute!

I hook it up to a 4:3 PVM via Component.

It’s also my main DVD player, and I run those in 480i as well even though there’s an option to scale to 480p in the PS2 and my CRT would support it. I find scaling this way seems to add artifacts to my DVDs - most of which are home collections of SD TV shows which aired in 480i anyway.

I used to run it via SCART, but you can’t use DVDs PS2 in North America if you use SCART, so I made the switch, and don’t notice any loss of quality. I’m pretty happy with the setup and don’t mind losing the Widescreen support considering the only game I own which has that is Yakuza, and it’s interlaced anyway and looks bad on my HDTV.

I have mine connected to 24 inch 1080p monitor via VGA through an Extron DVS 150 that takes the component signal from the PS2 and converts it to a 640x480p VGA signal. It has a bit of color flickering that I got used to but it’s a good trade for me since I have no space for a CRT and the TV is occupied almost all the time. Of course, I run everything in 4:3 cause I like the original look.

I have mine into my OSSC out to a 4K TV.

For 480i I have it line quadrupling / bob deinterlacing to 960p with upsample2x on. I find this to be the least offensive mode for 480i, tends to simulate CRT interlacing decently well, with the upsample2x helping with the PS2’s commonly low horizontal resolution; most games run at 512 pixels wide and the OSSC samples 720 pixels per line, not all active mind you, by default, whereas upsample2x oversamples and instead takes 1440 samples per line,

For 480p it’s line doubling again to 960p with upsample2x and light scanlines on. This is really a fantastic look, sharp without being blocky, it’s just too bad most PS2 games don’t support 480p and don’t like being forced into it.

I’d honestly prefer a simple consumer 4:3 15khz TV, even a shadow mask TV, to use instead for 480i but it’d be annoying to keep a separate setup for that.

ps2 has to be done on a CRT for me. I have mine hooked up to a 32" 15khz trinitron TV via component. There’s very few games that support progressive, or even allow progressive to be forced, and even less that support widescreen. For those games I’d rather just use my hacked ps3.

4:3 PVM on component for me. Everything looks crisp and clear to me on a CRT

4:3 19” PVM via SCART. Looks great to my eyes. Would like to see it on a nice, larger consumer model but I ain’t got room for that. I’ve hooked it up to my 2008 Panasonic plasma via component and I thought it looked pretty damn good considering the display type. But ultimately CRT is the way to to go for 480i.

Same here. If I’m lazy I might go S-video so I don’t have to unhook whatever else I have hooked up via SCART. It depends on if I’m just going to play something quick or if I know I’ll be putting some time into a game.

20" Philips 20PF4121 (640x480) @ Component -> VGA -> DVI
13" Sony PVM 1353MD (800 TVL?) @ Component -> BNC

Epson EB-1751 projector (max 720p) @ Component -> VGA

Capture card to monitor with svideo and component cables.

I’ve only got the one tv set up for all my systems, so like a lot of them it runs to the framemeister and then to my 50 inch lcd set. Its hooked up through official sony component cables.

I don’t. One of the only consoles I don’t have hooked up because the image quality is so bad. It looks so bad on the Framemeister. Maybe I should try an OSSC.

Eventually I’ll get it back onto a CRT, but that’s set up on the supergun for now. Need Dai Ou Jou and God Hand back eventually.

Oh that’s interesting, is it the interlace handling you don’t like on the Framemeister? I always assumed that the Framemeister was the best option for the PS2’s 480i only games.

Last time I had my PS2 hooked up I was messing with GSM trying to force progressive on some games, those that could look amazing on a PC CRT, like a Dreamcast game. I also tried basic bob-deinterlacing on the OSSC and a PC CRT, it was pretty good if you sat far away enough but the flicker is more pronounced compared to a consumer CRT. I suspect those settings poptart uses would improve that though.

Although I’ve not used it much for interlaced games the JVC PVM I have surprised me with how good 480i looked on it, it seems like a step up from consumer CRTs.

PS2 is such a frustrating machine, I think the only single screen solution would be one of those Widescreen BVMs that do 240p/480i/480p and those are crazy expensive.

I use it on an SD CRT. I love the look of it on there.

And then ones that do all seem to be “fake” widescreen anyway. Stuff like chopped off top and bottom or just straight up stretched image.

Yeah for all the hype about the PS2 Resident Evil 4 port having ‘true’ widescreen vs the Gamecube’s letterboxing, in the end it was actually less pixels (not to mention what a disgusting hack job of the game it was). Can’t believe I played through that turd just to play Separate Ways, FU Capcom.

I understand it is, but it looks bad. I haven’t looked in a few years though, maybe I’ll try some of those pre-set profiles.

OSSC to 4kTV for games that support widescreen / can be forced through codes, CRT for games that don’t. I use GSM to force whatever games I can to 480p that don’t already support it or even 1080p

What games have you had best success with forcing 480p/1080p?

Well my problem with many of the games that “support” forcing 1080p and more particularly 480p is that many of them produce the image in kind of a black frame that needs cropped off. Unfortunately because of this my 4K TV is the only screen I normally use this trick on because it has a flexible zoom / crop feature that I can remove the borders with. In some cases I can crop the border out when playing on my CRT monitor but the borders have to be small enough.

Games I know work with 1080p so far: Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Shadow of the Colossus, Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Ape Escape 3.

There are a couple odd titles that break with 1080p but still support 480p fine, only one I can think of off the top of my head would be the game Theme Park Rollercoaster. I’ll have to check next time I boot up OPL I’m sure there are more I’m missing

Thanks! I’ve wanted to try one so I’ll do so with Katamari soon.

I recently found a new list of PS2 games with various special video support at: http://www.benoitren.be