Sharpscale - native 960x544 HDMI output for PSTV

Stolen from shmups via CBPS forum (Download here)

Sharpscale provides the following two features:

720p: outputs the native framebuffer size 960x544 with black borders
1080i: integer scale the framebuffer to 1920x1088 and trim the bottom 8 lines

Integer scaling is therefore possible up to 1440p and 4k.

A new life for this little box and something I was hoping to see happen


Awesome! I need to look into this as I just got a PSTV last week.

[edit] both links are the same

Thanks, dubc, link is now fixed.

Nice, how much did it cost you? I heard the price for the PSTV started to go up last year, still much cheaper than the launch price currently.

Future updates:

-1080p possible in 30hz. I’ll add that in the next version
-Yes I plan to make the trimming configurable (in resonse to 8 pixels being cut from the bottom in 1080i mode and requests for 4 top and 4 bottom pixels to be cut instead)

I got off goodwill auctions for $130 shipped, CIB open box but never used. The twist ties on the cords hadn’t even been removed. Someone was pleased to get it in the past, lmao. I’m not sure if it’s a good deal or not. $115 was about my limit and it was that plus shipping.

I was going to post it in the pickup thread with my Vita saying I got a Switch v0.5 Beta but didn’t get around to it.

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Found some additional footage of the this in action courtesy of @gigaboots

Gran Turismo PSP using this:

Latest update has added fitted (non integer scaling fitting exactly inside the display while preserving aspect ratio, for media use with bilinear filtering on, or PS1 with bilinear filtering off) and some PS1 aspect ratio modes

PS1 (shots courtesy of xYuunax)

cv2 cvps1


I still want to try this out, but who knows when that will be, lol.

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Same, mine is still sitting in the box!

Do you know what the game compatibility % of PSP and PS1 is on this?

it’s identical to the 6.61 iteration of POPS on a real PSP. So a few games (like Dragon Warrior VII) which experienced regressions in more recent versions of POPS are broken, but all PSP games and most PS1 games should work with a good eboot. Here’s one POPS compatibility list, but fuck knows how accurate it is

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Thanks for the link. It’s great that it’s possibly able to play all PSP games!

Nice overview of Sharpscale by MLiG


I’d some how skipped over the fact this fixed the issue with POPS that you couldn’t accurately display 256x240 games, due to the minimum active windows being larger than that. So this now allows for a perfect scale on games like SOTN on an actual PSVita as well.

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