Best "vanilla" Quake and Quake II source ports?

I’ve been on an old-school FPS kick lately. I’m a boring and simple man so I’m wonderingwhich of the source ports for Quake, Quake II and their respective expansion packs best follow these requirements:

1: Are the closest to the original game’s graphics/behaviours/physics etc without ugly and distracting effects but with support for modern aspects and resolutions

2: works with the modern digital releases (specifically GOG’s)

3: support music files so that I don’t have to do something tedious like mounting a virtual cd in order to be able to listen to the soundrack.

S’yeah, suggestions? is my go to Quake engine and pretty much the standard. It looks and behaves exactly like original Quake, and supports most mods and mappacks. It corrects the lightning errors introduced in glquake to give the best software look. I don’t know if it supports GOG but I can’t see why it wouldn’t. Simply copy your ./ID1 folder next to the quakespasm executable. You can use music ripped as .ogg and maybe other formats too.

[edit] 0.93 fixed the mouselook problem that was introduced in the latest W10 update. Everything is cool.[/edit]

A port of note is , which brings all the modern options of source ports back to MS-DOS. The extreme resolutions need a powerful machine (a P3 800 is advised) but otherwise the same system specs as the original game apply.

To have unfiltered, original look (with 10fps monsters), add to ./id1/autoexec.cfg:
gl_texturemode 3
r_particles 2
r_lerpmodels 0
r_lerpmove 0

Quakespasm is the only sourceport I can stomach. I remember trying another one that seemed like the most popular choice (Darkplaces?) and it completely changed the gun swaying animations for no god damn reason, and I couldn’t even find an option for turning that off.