Best way to get rid of smell from game that came from a smoker’s home?

So, I recently bought NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams on Wii for 5 bucks and when I got home and opened the case a waft of the worst stale tobacco smell came out.

What’s the best way to get rid of the smell that won’t harm the case, instruction manual, insert, and disc?

Dryer sheets are a good place to start.

Put the game in a plastic bag with a couple sheets, as well as a a couple sheets inside the game box itself. Let it sit for a few days or a week.

I usually throw out the manual, separate the case and label and put them into separate ziplock bags with a few scoops of coffee, then leave them for a few days. The smoke smell will mostly be gone and you’ll get a pleasant coffee smell instead

The manual’s a lost cause, the few times I’ve tried it just doesn’t go away and makes everything else seem worse.

Second hand smoke kills :pleading_face:

Vinegar works on electronics. Not sure about games.

I got a large manual with my Amiga 1000 that smelled bad of smoke… I didn’t know how to clean it, so I left it alone.

6 months later in a clean smoke-free home, and it no longer stinks at all.