How to deal with cover damage?

Received Raw Danger today in the mail, super happy to have it, but immediately noticed there was cover damage. Not sure exactly what the cause is, i’m guessing something to do with weather? Disappointingly the eBay auction didn’t say anything about it :confused:

Here’s a picture:

Does anyone know what I can do to reverse this? I figure i’d try flattening it with books, but maybe there’s something better to do.

I’d attempt ironing, with a sheet between.

But I may be crazy

Have done exactly that. With mixed success, sometimes the paper is literally stretched.

That looks like water damage. I just live with it, personally. But I’ve never been much of a stickler for the condition of my games/cases as long as the game was functional. I have some pretty beat up carts and dvd game cases I’ve gotten second hand.\

Ironing may just make the problem worse.

It can make it worse if done badly, you could remove the print! But I have fixed many that way too, usually Sega (Master System/Mega Drive) inserts. I iron it from the back with two sheets of plain office paper either side.

Also longer term flat pressing immediately after the ironing works well as long as the paper is not stretched. You make it malleable with the heat, then a long term press (eg under 10 hardcover books) for a day can sort it out.

I have quite a few SMS games like this, and while I don’t like the look of it, I actually agree with you about the condition of the games I own. I just don’t have the time or energy to be concerned with it.

I have a few games with really bad labels that I have marked for upgrade when I see a good deal, but for the most part I feel like some blemishes and marks can be a show of age and character for the game. If it’s got some kid’s name written on it in sharpie I will try to stay away from it, but if I end up buying it because it’s a good deal, I’m in no hurry to try and make it look brand new.

My consoles and controllers are a different story. I love spending time taking them apart and making them look and feel like new again. It’s very therapeutic.