Yet another Kickstarter NES game: Orange Island

This one is weird, as in it’s primarily developed for the PC, but with NES limitations. They want to have it ported by an external contractor to NES if some stretch goals are reached. (Broke Studio, who did Micro Mages and Twin Dragons.)

Stretch goals were reached.

The tiers are a mess to follow, but if you want the CIB NES version, £45 gets you a white cartridge, and £100 gets you the translucent pink cartridge and other trinkets. Different pricing are given throughout the description, but ultimately it’s the Kickstarter side bar that prevails.

(Even their formatting is a mess)


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Looks interesting.

Love the idea of a side scrolling RPG of this kind. Hope they can do the concept justice. The music and boss fight seem cool. But other parts just seem very okay in the limited footage presented.

Looks nice, very Kirby, but the physics need some work.

Looks promising!