DF Retro: Donkey Kong Country + Killer Instinct - A 16-Bit CG Revolution!

@Dark1x hinted to us that DF Retro may have been quiet lately but they had something big in the works and the new video DELIVERS.

Fantastic work guys, this was well worth the watch!

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Great video @Dark1x

Nice to @Try4ce there too. I’m jealous of that dual BVM setup.

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Great work @Dark1x

Made me want to go play it @Dark1x. Great work

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Looking forward to watching! The influence of both games is undeniable, whether you like them or not.

@Dark1x Is there a reason all the GB/GBC footage had the wrong aspect ratio?

Thanks for the great video! The breakdown of the GBA version of DKC was especially interesting.

Not intentional, I used an Analogue Nt Mini for ease of capture and must have had the settings off.

K that makes more sense than what I was thinking. I was like “is he running a GBP in widescreen?”

Otherwise yeah this was really great, I watched it twice over the weekend. Can’t wait for more details on Banjo / Project Dream.

That was really insightful hearing the devs talk about their old projects like that and how they overcame some of the technical challenges. Really great video. Thanks for posting. You really delivered with this one @Dark1x!

Is the interview in your gameroom @Dark1x? I love Oasis, so props to the Oasis poster on the left side!