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Positive Buyer Feedback for futuremoves
Bought my 1.5 OSSC, paid quickly, forgave me for shipping the remote control one business day late (I forgot to pack it!), all around great person!


Thank you again sir! I have everything and it’s in amazing condition. Super fast shipping and excellent communication throughout the process gave me peace of mind. Also, Thank you for shipping the controller so quickly after you realized it was missing! You are an asset to the community. I won’t hesitate to do business with you again in the future.


Have sold a few different items to Laevateinn. Prompt payment and no issues. Would happily do business again :slight_smile:


I had a great experience buying from @friendofsonic! Fast shipping, good communication and packaging, and the cable was exactly as described.


Great experience selling to @Fizix! Paid quickly with good communication

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