SOLD! WTS: RGB Modded Front-Load NTSC NES

Selling my original Nintendo NES console that has been has been professionally upgraded with an NESRGB mod. It outputs a crispy pixel-perfect, zero lag image via SCART or S-Video! This mod is perfect for playing original NES games in HD via an upscaler (like RetroTink or OSSC) or via a CRT with RGB input. It also includes a 3-way palette selection switch so you can select between the original, PC-10, and another improved color palette on-the-fly. The system has also been fully cleaned and refurbished to ensure all of your games play perfectly without glitches.

You will receive the following items:

1 Original NES front-load console with NESRGB mod pre-installed
1 Original NES power supply
1 Original NES controller

Asking $300. Ships from North Carolina. Buyer pays actual shipping.

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Hi @FiZiX - I might interested in this if it’s still available. I have a question, though - you cannot use component cables to pull the RGB signal from the NES, correct? You’d have to use a converter to get YPbPr, right?

Sorry, but I just sold it on another site. To answer your question though: You are correct that the signal would need to be converted. I’ve used a Shinybow SB-2840 for this in the past. HD Retrovision makes some excellent cables for that purpose as well.

No worries and thanks for the answer. I have an RGB modded AV Famicom but kinda want an NES with the best image to use in my living room setup if I had any friends over. I will look into that HD Retrovision cable. Thinking about getting a 2X Pro and using the AVFC for this. It’s not quite as authentic but I do have all the carts and controllers.

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