Buying an used 3DS from Gamestop? Reliability?

Hi everyone, it’s 2019 and I still haven’t bought a 3ds, because I can’t force myself to spend 170€ on a new machine. And, no, I don’t want the 2DS, XL or plain. They are fine machine, but if I buy a 3DS, it must be the 3d capable “new” ones.

So, I see that at my local Gamestop they are selling used “New” 3DS at 70€. I am always wary at buying used hardware that could had be victim of young kids as their first gaming device, but the price is really good. And Gamestop can always give me store credit if the machine is broken,

I wanted to ask, are 3DS reliable machines, like the majority of Nintendo hardware? I remember some problem with Game Boy Color (all those missing battery covers) and DS Lite (the latches). Is the 3DS prone to some BUG hardware malfunction that I should be aware of?

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My kids have had 2 3DS’s since launch, trust me when I say they have been used and abused, both are still working, one has lost a thumb pad and the other has cracked along the hinge, I would say they are very reliable

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Definitely check to make sure the circle pad, headphone jack, and hinges are still good. Also make sure all the buttons work.

Those items are probably the most failure-prone. Also, grab yourself a fresh battery off Nintendo’s website to have as a backup. I wouldn’t trust a second-hand one on its own when new ones could be had for under 10 bucks.

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