Changes to the site


Hi all, to keep things better organized, I created a category homepage where we can have better separation between different thread categories rather than having them all together in one feed. This should, hopefully, create bigger opportunities for more off-topic discussion for those that want to engage in that.

We will roll with this for a day or two until I hear everyone’s feedback. If you’d prefer to go back to the old way of doing things - everything in one feed, but sortable by categories at the top - please let me know. As always, I will do whatever the community thinks is best. This site belongs to all of you and it’s our job to listen.


P.S. By the way, if you want the original feed, you can click the “latest” button at the top of the screen. It will have all categories mixed together like the old way. You can also save this “latest” view as a favorite in your web browser in case you want to get there directly.


Looks good to me.


Looks great, I think the separation is a fantastic idea.


This is what I did right away and just assumed it was because I recently cleared my history and browser cache and that this new change was the normal “homepage” all along.

So yeah, even if I stay with the old way it’s not like this change hurts anything. I see it as more for if we do get a bigger community in the future since then I may like more separation, but for now I like the old setup. and community. :3


I prefer it! Great idea.


I like this new system. It’s very much like a regular forum style plus we can still access the feed listing.