***Light theme back online with Temp version of new logo***


So here’s the deal, discourse does not have the ability to put in a separate logo for different themes. I’m currently writing some CSS code to basically delete the old logo and insert a new one for light theme and am running into some issues where the software is automatically scaling the logo and making it look off.

I know how frustrating it could be when forced into one theme or another (I cannot stand light themes on forums myself), so I decided to allow it to run this way for now until I have time to sit down and fix this properly.

Thanks everyone for your patience. This weekend I will clean up the logo spacing on the light theme to match the dark theme.

Much appreciated,


Is there a way we could get the same logo working on both? Maybe by keeping it transparent but having a black outline around the lettering so it stands out on light theme but simply becomes part of the background on dark theme?


I don’t see why that would be necessary. What I’m going to be doing shouldn’t be an issue.


Sorry, I thought you said it won’t accept a different logo for each theme. Must have misread :sweat_smile:


Basically it won’t without a bit of light programming on my part.


Ah okay, sounds good :+1:t4:


I know I’m late to the party and this is all resolved but I want to throw my 2 cents in real quick! :smiley:

Don’t know if I’m overstepping my bounds here but in general I would caution making any changes to the logos. We definitely want to maintain the integrity of the logos as best we can going forward. Adding elements such as strokes around the lettering, changing colors, or placing images inside the lettering etc. is something we typically want to avoid. Possible exceptions would be things like an all white or all black version if a 1-color version is needed for some reason.


I was thinking of adding some flames and making it animated.


I take back everything I said.


Woop! Light theme rocks.

Strange how they don’t whack a simple theme name/color class on the body?



Favicon not so good on white



Thanks for the heads up.


@Peltz That separate logo in separate themes sounds like a good idea for a Discourse update. You should get in touch with wumpus at the Quarter To Three boards (Jeff Atwood… Discourse is his baby I think) to see about them adding that in an update.

I’m a big fan of Discourse now. Jeff listens to feedback well, too.


found some info about how this is recommended to be done.


favicon in desktop Safari address bar:


Thanks. I will be implementing some updates this week to fix these sorts of issues.


The white theme seems to have disappeared after the April Fools thing?


Yep. It will be back online momentarily. My apologies for the inconvenience. We’ll be reversing all of our April fools shenengains too. So if we messed with your name or avatar, we’ll be changing it back.

Edit: Light theme is back.


Cheers! I didn’t notice any avatar leave username stuff in general - I should have paid more attention


Dang Peltz I thought you had seen the light regarding Contra.