Just some thoughts so far.


Just some thoughts:

If it’s possible it would be nice to have the option to view a full page preview of our post and threads as we are making them, I’m not sure if I’m seeing a correct formatting in the real time preview window, and it would be nice to get rid of that window to focus on the layout. I was not able to place adjacent images, don’t know if that is a software limitation.

The bbc formatting for “text centering”, “highlighting”, and “text size” does not work, I don’t know if that’s on purpose or limitations of the software, and I did not even try text coloring, but these would be nice for the creation of threads.


I’m not sure how, but I know it’s possible. See my post in the 70s thread: Your Top Games of the 1970s

I posted direct links that would only convert to images if left on their own line. But once system edited my post to store the image locally and rewrite the links, I was able to remove the \newlines to have the images on the same line.

Maybe it only works with locally stored images and not links?


I’m looking into what’s possible for our forum by looking at what else has been down out there. As for your feedback, I’m honestly not sure how to fix any of that as of yet. But I will do some research.


I’ll play around with the drag and drop uploading images, thanks Khaz.

As far as the other stuff, I don’t think anyone is any hurry, the software is pretty slick as is.


Just wanted to say YES thanks for running modern forum software - Discourse - rather than some old crap like XenForo


Is the white background no longer available as an option? I thought it used to be in the preferences.

I prefer the black background overall, but like the white one for checking the site while at work.


We’r having issues on the back-end with the Light Theme at the moment. It’s being looked into, and we hope to have it available as an option for everyone again soon.


ok, thanks!


Hopefully you’ll get it soon, I personally can’t look at pages with a black background and white text for long, it starts to hurt my eyes.


My apologies. I’m looking into this now.