Commodore Amiga [OT]

Memory unlocked… randomly saw a picture of the Amiga CD32 and realized I am almost positive I played this thing once as a very small kid at a birthday party. It’s so crazy the things we remember. I must’ve been around 6 years old.

After some research, I think the game was Flight Simulator II on it.

The most vivid thing I remember was that it ran slowly, it was 3-dimensional, I kept crashing because I had no idea what was happening, and the hardware was something I wasn’t familiar with since everyone I knew just has Sega or Nintendo systems at that point.

Since it never released in North America, it must’ve been imported by the venue where I played it. Since I am almost positive it was an “educational” place with a lot of science exhibits, I think that checks out. I think it was some sort of an interactive kid’s museum.

Just felt like sharing. Anyone have familiarity with the CD32 machine in particular?

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It was released in NA in limited quantities. There was some legal barrier officially delaying it in the US but the NTSC version was sold at EB in Canada. I heard some stores in the US bought stock from Canada and sold it there.

Weirdly, my local credit union (Vancity) would loan out CD32s for online banking. I have come across a few of them in Vancouver over the years with a “property of Vancity” label on them.

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Wow how obscure. That’s really interesting

I had a CD32 for a while around the time of Game Cube. .

Bought it from an Amiga Super Fan who lived just outside London. I took the tube to the end of the line, met him, paid him, I think he wanted to talk but I just wanted to get back home and play.

I found it distinctly underwhelming. It felt like an Amiga without a keyboard, but worse than that. It being very to load was the main problem. I mean I could have loaded games from floppy disk or hard disc more quickly.

Sold it not long after.

I do have a loose controller for it. Picked that up at a car boot sale one day since.