DICE’s ‘Hardcore’ coming 2019 - a 24-year-old cancelled Sega mega drive game

This is interesting, an old game by Dice that Psygnosis canceled as a result of shifting attention to the Playstation. Apparently, it was 99% done and is now going to be finished by Strictly Limited Games who has one of the DICE co-founders amongst the small team. It’s being developed/finished on an original mega drive SDK before being ported to PS4/Vita. It looks pretty cool and I wonder if a mega drive rom will ever be officially released or surface.

More info on Polygon

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I’m interested. Looks very Turrican, and hope it is more that and less Contra. The energy bar looks promising for not just one hit and dead.

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The first screenshot I saw of it made me think of Blackthorne. Either way, it looks cool.