Mega Drive Mini 2 announced

Today, Sega announced a follow-up to its successful Mega Drive Mini. And this time, Mega CD games will be included!

Games revealed so far:

Bonanza Bros.
Fantasy Zone
Magical Tarurūto-kun
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Popful Mail
Shining Force CD
Shining in the Darkness
Sonic CD
Thunder Force IV
Virtua Racing

There will be 50 games in total. The next set of games will be announced on June 24th.

Release date: October 27th (Japan)


Awww yeah, Day 1 baby! I don’t collect much besides games and Vinyl records but I just fall in love with these mini “classic” consoles!


Looks great. I too love mini consoles and records!!


In hindsight this seems to obvious for them to persue over the much asked for Saturn and Dreamcast versions!

Really happy something like this exists - if it succeeds it at least means companies don’t have just one shot at curating these libraries.


CD games are awesome to see for sure, but where’s the SMS Mini? :slight_smile:


That would be nice. Or a proper Game Gear (not that silly “Micro” version) stuffed with both GG and Master System games.

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Would love to see them take another stab at the Game Gear Micro but I guess the Analogue Pocket’s cartridge adapter now has it covered.

Releasing the original Micro at 4000 yen was a mistake, it just wasn’t anywhere close to good enough and sort of transformed the handheld into a throwaway desk toy when it’s much more.

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Yeah gotta say I’m sick of Sega doing Mega Drive over and over and over… and it’s my least favourite Sega console. Would buy any of the others as a mini in a heartbeat.

But in the end, it sold almost as much as all their other consoles put together. It is their only major legacy as far as the console market is concerned I guess.


Sega might’ve announced a Saturn Mini or Dreamcast Mini if it weren’t for price hikes due to chip shortages.

I wonder if those Minis will eventually turn up in a couple of years.

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A Saturn or Dreamcast collection for modern consoles as a stopgap release would also be nice, but Sega might not be keen on doing that since those might devalue an eventual Mini console.

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Yeah the chip shortage would have prevented them access to more capable ARM SoCs that could actually handle Saturn or Dreamcast appropriately - even the extremely modest one powering the Play Date was sold out for two years forcing them to look for an alternative.

And the Switch’s Tegra X1 even struggles with lag-free Saturn emulation as we’ve seen with the Saturn Tribute releases though it would be good enough for a Mini console.


This is pretty cool, as there were a bunch of games I wanted to play that never made it onto the first one. With 50 titles I’m thinking almost all of them should end up with a place now. I hope they also take into account the regional exclusivity of before, as I’d like to give a spots to several that weren’t on the JP Mini.

So we’re looking at 15 additional CD games and 24 additional cart games to be announced. Just in the first batch alone, there were some hard to predict inclusions that makes guessing the remainder tricky (not being super familiar with what was popular in Japan). There’s also licensing issues, games that already have versions elsewhere, and surprises to take into account … here’s my guesses!


  1. Final Fight CD
  2. Keio Flying Squadron
  3. Night Trap
  4. Road Avenger
  5. Snatcher (It’d have to be the English version but that might be a nice draw for JP fans?)
  6. Robo Aleste (dream scenario is M2 ‘finishing’ the sequel that was announced but never made)
  7. Sol Feace
  8. Night Striker
  9. Soulstar
  10. Lunar: The Silver Star
  11. Lunar: Eternal Blue
  12. Eternal Champions CD (another English only one)
  13. Ecco the Dolphin CD (1+2)
  14. Wonder Dog
  15. Time Gal


  1. Ranger X
  2. Rocket Knight Adventures
  3. Gauntlet IV
  4. Alien Soldier
  5. Shinobi 3
  6. Bare Knuckle 3
  7. Pulseman
  8. Sonic 3
  9. New Zealand Story
  10. Whip Rush
  11. Tatsujin
  12. Hellfire
  13. Zero Wing
  14. Gley Lancer
  15. Gaiares
  16. Phelios
  17. Elemental Master
  18. Golden Axe 2
  19. Castle of Illusion
  20. Outrun
  21. Super Hang On
  22. Mcdonalds Treasureland
  23. Ristar
  24. Eswat

I was wondering if this would include the same language/rom region switch that the original did, since adding several versions of 20 CD games could use up more storage than they’re giving this thing, so i asked Okunari on Twitter. Unfortunately he doesnt want to confirm anything that they havent said officially yet

Worth keeping in mind in case anyone was thinking of importing the JP release ahead of any international releases… don’t count on English versions being on there until it’s confirmed.

I also noticed on the official site, the USB power requirements have gone up from 1.0A to 2.0A. No big deal but worth mentioning since a lot of people had issues powering the Egret 2 Mini because they didn’t see the info about that one.


So in this video 『メガドライブミニ2』プロモーション映像 - YouTube, towards the end are a bunch of blank box arts, except they’re not quite blank! With a bit of contrast adjustment some can be recognized:

Super Street Fighter 2
Fatal Fury 2
Alien Soldier
Ragnacenty/Crusader of Centy

Whether they’re actually on the lineup or if they’re red herrings, we’ll have to wait and see! The fighters are kind of odd choices but I guess again they want a spread of genres and games that use the 6B pad still.

Some of the other covers seem like they should be easily identified, but i went through the lists over at and drew blank. I’ll post the pics later and maybe someone can recognize them.

The Mega CD blank covers just appear to be the 5 already announced.


Great find!

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Here’s the screengrabs with games identified. A japanese youtuber メガドライブミニ2の隠しタイトルが早くもネタバレ?予想ではなくプロモーション映像に映り込んでいた収録タイトルと隠しタイトルの一部と思われる画像を分析。 - YouTube had the same idea and has seemingly identified one more, Super Locomotive, an arcade only game from 1982. Maybe the rest of the purple ones are surprise inclusions like that, which would explain why they’re harder to identify!


This is the first time Super Locomotive will be ported, if I’m not mistaken. I wonder if the other bonus games will also be arcade rarities.

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