Disc Art Thread


Was rearranging my Wii and Wii U disc cases so it was a good excuse as any to look for interesting disc art…unfortunately the shop put a sticker on my Kororinpa disc…


Wii U really did have some greats!


Adding some Amiga CD32 goodness to the thread


Perfect follow up to matt’s post!


Unfortunately I have Gradius V PAL which has a shocking disc compared to the NTSC posted earlier. However, Gradius Gaiden here, is awesome!

That boss was made for this disc!

Great use of minimal colors here!

Perfect match to the in game aesthetic

Wipeout has a stack of great discs! The “Sample” printed on the inner ring can throw you off!

Disc looks like it’s seen better days but actually it’s fine :smiley:

I’m a big fan of the old Winning Eleven boxes that had Atari-esque paintings. This one has it on the disc too. Modern “Slap famous player photo on” boxes make me sick!

This also has one of the nicest PSP box arts imo!

Just Viewiful!

Heaps of cool comic style art on Capcom fighters

I like how this one crops stuff out the sides

The character outline is barely visible from some angles!

Great use of the disc silver for their eyes!

Ok this one’s not that good but hey :smiley:

This looks like Splatoon green paint in real life! Very Slimer-y!

Another Capcom art one just because. Shinkiro here!

Very hard to photo this textured, speckly one for Wario Land Shake

The shapes are subtly embossed on this which is really nice! Got this for my daughter btw :smiley:


R-Type Delta and Einhander :hearts:

Love the Wip3out disc too which reminds me that 2097 got a cool design.


Anyone got a Dreamcast disc for Typing of the Dead? Here’s the ‘bloody’ PC-CD release ha ha:

And a neon orange outline of Sakura for this disc:


Some more natural fits for the limited colour prints.


was going through some of my games and these stood out to me.


Not sure if soundtracks count, but here’s some lovely disc art from some of my favourite game soundtracks:


Symphony of the Night:

Final Fantasy (I love Amano’s style, so unique!):




Oh man! One of my favourite games on Amiga. I played the crap out of Emerald Mine II.




Hahahaha, now I will never be able to “unsee” that! :smile:


What am I missing?

Edit: nvm. I see it.


Sorry to say this but if you didn’t know already… all three of those soundtrack CD’s are fakes.


Don’t tell me Chinatown got the better of me! Hehehehe :rofl:


Haha. Guess you knew already then. China Town in London used to have so much piracy going on in the open during the mid/late 90’s. Seems it has been cleaned up a lot since then and the last time I visited kind of felt weird to be there without all the fake media stalls of old.

That said I’ve known a fair few people who got caught out buying asian bootlegs before without realising.


For sure, thanks for looking out @Suteneko


Some of my favourite UMD designs up there.

Unfortunately I’ve yet to find many standout European UMD art - it seems Sony mandated a standard text for game titles and plain backgrounds to improve the contrast of those text labels:

Just a bit boring, really.