Disc Art Thread



The Dreamcast version is really cool as well.

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this thread rules


Usually the forum software resizes/downsizes huge images, but a lot of these on this page are taking a long time to download/display for me?

Any ideas?


Yeah you’ll never un-see derp Maria.


Some Gamecube discs:

Morph ball Samus as disc

Shiny golden triumph fork


Capcom fighters on Saturn have the classy single colour motif

Some cheeky full colour Parodius on Saturn


Not a disc but…

Not often cartridge art is exciting but this one was sweet.


Is anyone else experiencing this?


Yeah it’s been happening for me also on my phone. I just thought it was my mobile service throttling me


The above wonderboy photo is 1.21MB which I’d argue is fine for a full size shot, but a thumbnail should be much smaller in terms of filesize and dimensions.

It looked like the image below for about 10 seconds until it had fully loaded.

I also spotted this in another thread


This is cool… I have it on the Master System, and the remake on Steam… yet I want this for the switch!


Cool idea for a thread. Now we just need one for boxart, Cartridges and manuals.

I’ve always like the simple design on Nintendo’s first party releases. Less is more.


That second thing was the result of experimenting to fix the loading issue. We will discuss the loading with our host to see if they have any ideas.


Very cool. Makes me wish I had a white Wii rather than red. Such a good timeless design.

Nintendo was really doing brilliant things with the Wii brand when it was new.

How is Wii Play? Is it worth picking up?


There’s only a couple of mini games worth playing, but I only picked it up for the extra controller included.

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Great angles there - I keep forgetting how the Wii is designed to be on an upwards tilt via its rather eye-catching stand. Just shows how discrete the effect is.


Some cool black character outlines on neon orange for the Fantastic Pinball disc.


Keeping this alive


I was just looking at my PSP games the other day and thought the Metal Gear Acid disc art was really nice. You beat me to it!

Great pics.