eStarland pre-owned sale until 10/21

Just noticed that eStarland has had a pre-owned sale going on for a couple of weeks. Perfect timing for me – I ordered a fat PS2 to replace the one I bought last eBay sale that arrived unable to read discs.

Shop now and save up to $30 on pre-owned games from the dawn of the 21st century! Bring back those cherished memories and celebrate with this limited time offer!

  • $30.00 OFF on $100+ pre-owned item purchase
    Use Promocode: 21ST30

  • $10.00 OFF on $40+ pre-owned item purchase
    Use Promocode: 21ST10

Promo code applies to pre-owned games from Wii U, PS3, XBox 360, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, GameCube, PS2, Xbox and Game Boy Advance.

Don’t delay! This offer ends 10/21/2018.

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Good info, thanks. Will go and look around this weekend. Been a while since I’ve been there and think they still do the mini sellers market in the back on the weekends.


I wish I were closer. They do have some interesting things on the website but because you can’t see it and touch it, there is some risk involved.

Every game is shrink wrapped, so inspecting things is fairly limited outside of external appearance of game or case ofc.

That and their pricing being above standard ebay pricing is why I don’t really go there that often even though I live right by them. Still nice for a good visit every so often for the nostalgia of used video game shops.

Hit and miss on if they will allow it but they have let me open games before buying to inspect. Their check out process is really odd and takes a while so you have less of a chance of even being able to talk to a worker to ask to do so if they are busy though, and you can guess how weekends are. Not to mention weekends with sales.

I don’t mean to be so down on them, been going to them since I was in high school and it was just “starland”. They have done what they had to to compete and stay in business in this market while every other used game store in the area has shut down.

Yeah I’ll pop in maybe once a year because it’s a nice, big, clean space, and it’s neat to see all the stuff and walk through it.