Mid-Atlantic RGB: Old Bay, Old Games

Hey all!

I was inspired by a comment @balb made, and I decided it’d be fun to make a regional thread. Thanks to the discord I’ve learned that there are a few members in my home state (MD).

For the purpose of this thread, and since it’s definition changes depending on who you ask, I’d like to define the Mid-Atlantic as the following states:

New York
New Jersey
Washington, D.C.
Northern Virginia

Anyways, Maryland reporting in :slight_smile:

What’s uuuuuup?

Maryland here as well!


You ever hit up Estarland in VA? I was telling balb about it. I love going there.


I’ve heard of it but never went there.

Not sure how far you are from it but I’d like to say it’s worth a trip.

I’m very, very far away from it, I’m down south even!

MD life :slight_smile:

NJ here.

Central PA for me. Home of some of the best retro stores in the country apparently.

It’s pretty cool from a nostalgia point of view, but prices are what you would expect. Still really cool to have a store like that around, even if they seal up all the used games and it depends on who is working at the time for if they will let you open to check them out before buying. Which I feel is the primary reason to go to a physical store and pay the “just above ebay prices” for a game.

Still, as down as I am about the place, there is nothing quite like walking into a warehouse room filled with retro games, systems, books, and toys. Store has been around forever as well and it is also good to see one of the places like that not just disappear. Still remember when it was just Starland out on Braddock and they rented out bootleg anime. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Also, Northern VA for me.

You lucky people. I love that area. NYC, Philly, and Baltimore are beautiful cities with so much rich American history.

I mean I live in Sydney which is a beautiful place too, but man I love that part of America.

It is pretty terrific. I would extend it down to Richmond as well as that place is up and coming as a really cool place to go, but that is more for the Craft Beer scene. Which unfortunately does mean a lot of hipsters, but you take the bad with the good, and getting a bunch of great eating places along with world class breweries is worth it.

PA, Philly region

I agree with you. It’s not a place you’re gonna find some sick deal, but just being able to walk into a place like that is awesome.

I was going to say we should all try and check out Save Point arcade in Westminster but they seemingly closed up shop!? LAME. I never got a chance to go. They’d been around since 2011 and apparently specialized in import rhythm games.


They are closed, but not fully gone I don’t think. Know they still showed up at MAGfest for the last 2 days (friend bought a ps2 dev unit from them). I really liked them too even though I never visited their store proper, just saw them every year at MAGfest. Their Crazy Taxi cabinet is where I always post up at in the arcade room.

If you want to do arcades, Timeline Arcade in Hanover and/or York are the places to go in the area. Solid catalog of stand up machines from many eras but mainly the 80’s to mid-90’s. Also a nice selection of pinball. The kids and I make the trip there occasionally although I haven’t gone to the York location yet.


Yeah I knew they went to Magfest, including this year, which is why I was surprised to find out their store had seemingly closed.

Hanover location is only 1.5hrs from me. Thanks for the link!!

NYC here.