(For sale) Microsoft Flight Simulator for Tandy 1000

$50 shipped worldwide

I won the auction by mistake, these are the original seller photos. It’s still in my US mail box, I have never touched it.
It’s easy to put the game on a 3.5 disk (I can give instructions if you like), but it’s the sort of game that needs a manual to be properly played. and leafing through actual pages is just so much nicer than reading a pdf on a screen.

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Don’t drink and drive, even on the internet, kids.

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Sounds cool

Is it still available?

It is, but I’ve had reports that the floppy wasn’t working. You can make a new one though with a disk image from the internet, and imo it’s the whole doc that makes it worth it. What country are you in?

I’m from Brussels Belgium.

I am still interested by the package. I read about the disk and this is not a problem for me.
We can discuss about it.
Hope to have an answer.

Hey sorry I had a very busy week. I’ll PM you.