WTB: Tetris Grand Master 3 (TGM3)


Location: Hawaii
Currency: $USD
Item name: Tetris Grand Master 3 (TGM3)

I know it’s unlikely but i’d love to get my hands on a TGM3 Board.



Henk Rogers, of Tetris licensing fame, lives on Hawaii.

Maybe hook up with him!?


I actually know Henk professionally. But wasn’t going to ask him about it… he’s into other project related to the space industry. Not so much Tetris related… But it’s a good idea… I should ask.


Also, I take it you have asked on arcade-specific groups and boards?


Is that the Tetris game they use for competitive play? Hope someone comes through for you.


I was reading about Roger Dean (YES, Tetris, Psygnosis logos/artwork) and he is consulting for Henk Rogers’ Moon Base project. Blue sky stuff right there. What a world changer Tetris has been.

Also, PM sent about availability of a TGM3 PCB :sunglasses:


Yes. I think I found one! Working the details… :slight_smile:


Yes it is. Thanks. I’m working on getting one.


Any news?


I got a TAP, just lost an aunction in a TGM3 a couple days ago. Now I’m trying to find a good cabinet to put it in. Shipping out to Hawaii is crazy.