FS: Dreamcast, GBA, 3DS, DS, etc.

Hi again! I’m here to sell some stuff and clear some space in my collection. I’ll only have these up for a couple weeks because I’ll be leaving home around Labor Day for another extended period so if you’re interested please PM me ASAP. Prices include shipping within the U.S. Pictures available upon request.

Hardware, etc.
RGB Modded SNES Jr. - This was done by a member at The Old Place whose username I forget. It also has a power LED mod & the tabs were removed inside the slot to allow it to play SFC & SNES carts. I’ll include the system, the AC adapter, a SCART connector and one controller. $175/shipped . I also have a Monster s-video cable that I’d been connecting it to my TV with. If you want that, I can include it for another $50.

AV Famicom - This is stock. Includes the AC adapter, AV cable, one controller, and a 72-to-60 pin adapter to play NES games. $150/shipped .

2x White GameCube Smash Bros. controllers - These were imported when Smash for Wii U came out, and were only used one time (the Christmas after Smash Ultimate came out). They do have the original boxes. $140 for the pair/shipped.

Xbox One Sea of Thieves Controller - Very lightly used, excellent condition. Just the controller, loose. $80/shipped

amiibo, all U.S. & sealed
Samus Aran & Metroid 2-Pack - $160
3 x Monster Hunter Rise (Palamute, Palico, & Magnamalo) - $125
Dark Souls Solaire of Astora - $75

DS/3DS Games
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey (DS) - Sealed. $60
Chrono Trigger (DS) - CIB with map . $130
Bangai-O Spirits (DS) - CIB. $35
Etrian Odyssey IV (3DS) - CIB w/ music CD. Outer box only in fair condition. $45
Code of Princess (3DS) - CIB w/ music CD & outer box. $60

Dreamcast Games
Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand - CIB. $95
Plasma Sword - CIB. $75
Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service (Japan) - CIB. $65
Confidential Mission - CIB. $55
Jet Grid Radio - CIB. $55
Fighting Vipers 2 (Japan) - CIB. $50
Rayman 2 - CIB. $45
Dynamite Cop - DISC ONLY . $45
Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram - CIB. $40
Fur Fighters - CIB. $35
Soldier of Fortune - CIB. $30
Metropolis Street Racer - CIB. $25

I’ll sell the entire list of Dreamcast games above + a couple bonus games and a sealed Blue VMU for $450/shipped

GBA Games, Cart only unless otherwise noted
Wario Ware Twisted ( CIB) - $175
Double Dragon Advance - $60 Pending
Mother 3 (Japanese) - $40
Golden Sun The Lost Age - $35
Gunstar Super Heroes - $28
Advance Wars - $24
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - $24
Final Fantasy IV - $20

Various (Sealed) Games
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess w/ Wolf Link amiibo (Wii U) - $140
The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Limited Edition (3DS - no tears in box) - $125
Deadly Premonition (Xbox 360) - $70
Oneechanbara ZII Chaos Limited Edition (PS4) - $70
Indivisible Kickstarter CE (Switch) - $80
GALF - Golf Ball White (LRG NES) - $60
Star Wars - Blister Pack (LRG NES) - $50

Japanese 3DS Games Lot - All CIB unless otherwise noted. I’ll sell the lot for $110/shipped.
Gaist Crusher (Sealed), EX Troopers, Karous: The Beast of Re:Eden, Culdcept, Daigaisso Band Brothers P, Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble, Taiko no Tatsujin Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb (with sealed styluses), Zoo Keeper 3DS

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