Selling all my RGB stuff as well as Blast City and New Net City cabs. Saturn Phoebe too!

All Prices include shipping. No trades,need the money to pay off a vehicle.

Famicom Twin (red) RGB modded and includes power adapter,scart cable and Disk system adapter w/FDSStick (disk system everdrive,belt broken but dont need with this) - $400
Super NES RGB modded w/power adapter,controller and Scart Cable - $175
Sega Saturn (white) w/ Phoebie and SD card with tons of games,white controller,scart and power cable - $675
PC Engine (white) w/ SSDS3, SD Card,controller,SCART cable and AC adapter - $400
MegaSD w/memory card loaded - $280
SD2SNES (official) w/memory card loaded - $185
Everdrive N8 (official) with memory card loaded - $110
PSIO w/memory card loaded - $120
Blast City Arcade cabinet with Groovymame PC - $1500
New Net City Arcade cabinet with vertical Groovymame PC - $1500

PM sent

I’m not in the market (or country) to purchase anything, but I’m sad for you needing to sell all this in a hurry.

I guess hardware isn’t that hard to replace in the long run, and are these 2 of (I wanna say) 4 cabs you have set up?

Good luck moving them on. :+1:

Sending you a PM

Sending PM about Blast City