FS: Spring cleaning, bunch of different things available

My nerd room is too cluttered so im selling about 10% of it off. Might list more later.

Pretty flexible on prices(make me an offer and I’ll probably be cool with it). Prices do not include shipping, I am US based.

Games are in good condition unless otherwise noted, pics available on request. (comp) means complete.

-Batman (cart, manual) $8
-Snake’s revenge (cart,rental stickers) $5
-Shadowgate (cart) $5
-Bad dudes (cart) $5
-Rad racer (cart) $5

-Saga 2 (cart and case, some fliers) $14
-Draglade (cart and case, US vers) $35
-Ni no kuni (cart, manual, case, no book) $12

-Professor Layton and the miracle mask (comp) $16
-Professor Layton and the azran legacy (comp) $30
-Professor Layton vs Pheonix Wright (comp) $28
-Legend of Legacy special edition (comp) $28

-Zelda:Skyward sword (complete) $16

-Wonderful 101 (comp) $8

-Battle chasers (sealed) $20

PC engine/Turbografx
-Marchen maze (cart only) $25
-shubibinman 2 (cart and manual, no case) $35
-Cosmic Fantasy 2 (complete JPN version, disc only US version, bundle) $45
-Dungeon Master theron’s quest (disc, case & manual, US version)x2 copies $60
-JB Harold murder club (US version, complete with outer box, jewel case is sealed) $Couldn’t find any online with sealed jewel case, no idea
-Altered beast (complete, CD version) $15

-Sonic spinball (comp) $6
-Thunder force II (cart) $9
-Toejam and earl:Panic on funkotron (cart) $10

-Sword and Sorcery (comp) $3
-Konami MSX antiques (sealed) $No clue on this one. There are no sealed copies on ebay.

-Parasite eve (Greatest hits, complete) $16

-Gitaroo man (comp) $50

-Transformers devastation (disc only, bought from a redbox) $1
-Tempest 4000 (comp) $6

Interested in shubibinman 2, do you send all over the world?

I can, assuming you are willing to pay shipping for it. Dm with the address to send it and I’ll get a quote.