Games that had certain assets altered upon re-release

Square Enix has been doing this with some of their PS1 RPGs conversions recently. It usually falls under one of two changes:

  • Certain lines of dialogue are made gender neutral (e.g. references to a character being called “ladylike” are replaced with neutral alternatives)
  • Fanservice has been toned down (iirc a character in Chrono Cross has had her outfit altered to be less risqué)

These sorts of cuts have, unsurprisingly, proven to be quite divisive. Square should probably have included a classic mode to present the games as they were made in the late 90s, which would satisfy purists who want the original titles, warts and all. The framing of a classic mode would also help keep expectations in check.

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Missing Moai in Project Diva MegaMix:

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Jun Senoue has a pretty good track record otherwise, so I hope he’ll put in the effort to make those tunes pleasing to listen to.

What an odd modification. Any idea why they changed it?

Found another one while looking up info about The Combatribes.

The SNES version was slightly altered for its Virtual Console re-release: the bad guys’ organisation was changed from “Ground Zero” to “Guilty Zero”, presumably because of 9/11 and the fact the game takes place in New York City.