Game re-releases where the music was altered

Lately I’ve been playing the Arcade Archives version of Bomb Jack (it’s the focus of this month’s High Score Battle after all) and this version’s music differs from the arcade original. You see, the original game featured music from the animated series Mrs. Pepperpot (or Vrouwtje Theelepel, as it’s known here in The Netherlands) and The Beatles song Lady Madonna, but those tracks were replaced with music from Mighty Bombjack.

You can compare the tracks here:

This also happened to Frogger. The original version featured music from several anime series (Hana no Ko Lunlun, Rascal the Raccoon, Moero Arthur: Hakuba no Ouji and Heidi, Girl of the Alps), which were all excised from later releases.

Do you guys have more good examples?

Got another one. Crazy Taxi originally featured music by The Offspring and Bad Religion, but those tunes were replaced when the game was re-released.

Super Meat Boy after the creator fell out with the original musician.

Crazy Taxi got the songs back in later releases, as they obviously realised it was part of the character of the game and paid up.

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Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius on Saturn and Playstation featured a remix of KC and the Sunshine Band’s Thats The Way I Like It on the first stage. For the PSP collection release, it was changed to a remix of DDR’S Brilliant 2 U.

I prefer the original, it just fits the stage motif perfectly.


Ah, so the songs where reinstated eventually? That’s good to know!

Also, real brands were replaced with fictional brands in the re-release. Were those also restored?

Hmm, looking it up, maybe they were not… I just remember some promotion saying the songs were back. Presumably ‘Chicken Shack’ etc is still there too.

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Rainbow Islands used the well known “Over the Rainbow” song in most of the earlier versions, but this song was removed from later versions as not to infringe copyright.

From Wikipedia:

The original arcade game contained in-game music reminiscent of the song “Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz. This song was included in the Japanese Mega Drive, PC Engine CD and Famicom releases of the game, as well at the Ocean Software home Computer ports (Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST). However, in later console versions of the game (Master System, NES, Saturn, PS1, and the Japanese Taito Memories and international Taito Legends collections), aside from part of the chorus, the in-game music was changed so as not to infringe copyright. The hidden eight level of the NES version, as well as the Game Boy Color version, simply use the Bubble Bobble theme music.

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Dragon Ball Z Budokai and Budokai 3

The HD collection had all new music for both, presumably because the composer had been fired for outright copying other composers in his later works.

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Didn’t a lot of Saturn shmups have music that was “enhanced” from the arcade versions? I know Battle Garegga and Layer Section/Galactic Attack/RayForce (that’s a mouthful) were two such games.

I also know Final Fight CD on the Sega CD had all new enhanced audio. Would these count?

My initial idea for this thread was to talk about game music that had to be changed because of copyright infringement or licensing issues, but arranged/enhanced soundtracks are also interesting to discuss!

I think a really big one that’s been ongoing is the older version’s of GTA (III, Vice City, and San Andreas). I actually think the steam versions had music patched out, though I can’t remember. I was disappointed they didn’t spend the money for the original songs on the “Definitive” edition

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Yeah, those versions seem to be anything but definitive.

Have Rockstar at least added some new songs to replace the missing tracks, or didn’t they even bother to do that?