Favorite ROM Hacks

Figured this forum might appreciate this. Here are a couple that I like.


I’ve always been a big fan of retro sports games made current. Tecmo Bowl still gets regular roster updates, as does NHL 94.


Isn’t there a hack to make English terranigma 60hz?


Translation hacks are ones I enjoy most. Playing Policenauts finally in 2009 was long overdue. And it’s cool finding translations of games you wouldn’t think anyone would bother translating, like Maharaja on Famicom.

Also, I like when Game Gear games are converted to Master System form. It’s too bad Royal Stone glitched out on me a few hours in. Maybe the rom has been fixed since then.

And though I didn’t realize it back in the '80s, I had a bunch of copies of PAL C64 games and some were hacked to play properly in NTSC.

Just a friendly reminder guys that patch files are OK to post but pre patched or original roms can’t be linked to!

I’ve been using this while I play Super Ghouls and Ghosts for the game club. The difference is HUGE!

Yeah linking from romhacking.net would be best since they only have patch files.

Yeah I don’t think we will have a problem with this community. None of us are new to this and we all have piles of flash carts but linking to roms directly is a quick way to get the site taken down!

Here’s one that makes Castlevania 2 a little less annoying.

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Big fan of Goldeneye mods. Especially the ones that add multiplayer maps and weapon sets. Wreck’s Multi Pack and BMW’s Multi Pack v7 are probably a good start if you never tried one before. There are tons of these and many of those can be played in real hardware.

Should probably mention the big one too


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I love the annual Tecmo Super Bowl updates! It’s one of my all time favorite games.

NHL '94 is great but I like NLHPA '93 more. I think it’s mostly nostalgia.

I own NHL Hockey (which would be the '92 season), NHLPA '93, and NHL '94, but I spent the bulk of my childhood playing NHLPA '93. It’s easier than '94, doesn’t have one timers, and doesn’t have team licenses. That said, I enjoy the fighting and making little Wayne’s head bleed, lol. Tony Twist is my favorite player. His overall rating: 5. Fighting rating: 95, lol! His punches pack some heat.

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Obvious one for me being Rogue Dawn. Can read more of my early impressions of it over in the NES/famicom thread.

Oh yeah, here’s some more. For the Frog the Bell Tolls DX, still a WIP but watching for a release. Looks super good.


And I dig this MC Kids hack the removes all the corporate shilling and aims to give it its own identity.

The Simon’s Quest re-translation is most definitely on my list to check out. I assume homebrew is just as welcome as that is the bulk of where my digging has been so I can share some of that.

Blade Buster is a caravan shooter that I have not gotten to play yet but comes highly recommended.

Indivisible looks like a pretty solid little action platformer.

Mad Wizard looks cool. Sly Dog has put out quite a bit of stuff I mean to check out. https://slydogstudios.org/ hope I can find a way to throw a bit of money there way if I dig it. Wasn’t able to find a donate link or anything so if you are out there Sly Dog let me give you money! You can buy a cart from RetroUSB for $40, but the ROM is more than enough for me, I don’t need the cart.

Retrotainment’s output has looked pretty good, as well. Fortunately you can pick them up off Steam for a reasonable price. Have not figured out if you can extract the ROM, but that would be my ideal. I plan to pick them up so will report back if that is the case.

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The eternal debate: one timers vs. Fighting. A lot of NHLPA hacks out there too.

Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition. It’s so stupid, it’s stopid.

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Here’s one in progress that looks promising

Super Mario Land 2 DX


Some of my favorite ROM hacks are the MSU-1 hacks, which allows for CD quality audio on SNES games.

There’s a Super Metroid hack that gives you a save state, used for speedrun training but also useful to me because I suck.

I can’t link it as I did not find it as a patch file.

In the near future I’ll be trying the hacks that make the controls more like the GBA games which I would find preferable at this point.

Couldn’t find the ips file for the save state ROM hack. Sounds useful though.

A lot of super good ones already posted. Restoration and better translation/localization patches are always great, so are ones that add things that “fix” the games, like the Castlevania 2 one. This is a great thread.

Also, the people that made that Haunted Halloween were at MAGfest last year showing off their games and that’s how I discovered them. Promptly bought both of them and they are legit. Not really rom hacks though and are full homemade games. Really good ones that fit this season.

Edit: Dammit, looked up Retrotainment to see what they were up to and found out I missed another of their kickstarters. Would have backed it for sure since they have shown nothing but quality. Guess I should just be happy that they are working on their next game. And I am. :3