Hanafuda Koi-Koi 🎴


Anybody else here play Hanafuda Koi-Koi?

It’s been a staple for me since playing 42 All Time Classics (Clubhouse Games) on the original Nintendo DS. And, of course, Nintendo got their start making physical cards.

So, much like my golf challenge, I’m trying to play as many Hanafuda Koi-Koi games as possible. I find it fascinating that a “traditional” game can be interpreted in so many different ways, with varying levels of success/failure.

I’ll document interesting stories here from time to time.

Spreadsheet of games



I played a lot of this but don’t remember the Hanafuda, I’ll have to fire it up again!

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One recent version I “uncovered” was included on a cover mounted floppy disk on MSX-FAN magazine from 1994/06.


The MSX community is very helpful and open, because it has ties to the West - the platform was fairly successful in Europe. So it was easy to find an archived scan of the magazine, and an image of the floppy disk elsewhere.

I then set about using the fMSX emulator to install the game to a blank floppy disk. At this point I hit a roadblock because the fMSX emulator wouldn’t play the game, though other emulators would, but fMSX is the only emulator that works on 3DS and playing on there was my goal. So, whilst looking into the source code for the emulator, I figured out there was a bug with the default settings for specific models of MSX. So I fixed the bug, submitted my changes to benefit other RetroArch users, and was finally able to play the game!

It’s an interesting version as it adds a shop between rounds from which you can buy special “trick” cards using the points give earned in the game. It is unique in that regard, and it was a pleasure to uncover it and play it. I doubt many people have played that game since the 1994!



Been meaning to learn Hanafuda. Will fire up Clubhouse Games I guess!



Current game Palm花札 on PalmOS.

So cute.



High resolution

Low resolution