HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


Ah, that’s a very good concern. Charging a Lithium Ion battery on a NiCd charger would not be very cleaver. The other way around shouldn’t be a problem though according to this Pdf I read before doing the mod.

I hope this is true for the Neo Geo.


NeoSD Review - Something MVS owners should know about!

UPDATE - In this review I forget to mention that the NeoSD has a Jukebox function that is accessed by pressing start on the “Launch Current Game” option at the top of the menu screen.

I have since updated my Neo Geo ROM set to include every game (Not including bootlegs and hacks) which brings the total memory size up to 4.5GB. Twice as what I stated in the video. Sorry about that.




ive still got a long way to go (bills to pay, dream house to keep these things in, etc) but this stupid ad in all my old gaming mags remains a goal of mine - okay, the receiver shelf would have 1 receiver and a bunch of other consoles, and the TV would prolly be smaller (my 32" trinotron does component!) but those speakers are a must

still, a ballin-ass AES is high on the list, so i gotta ask: if i came into money tomorrow, where’d be my best bet at a low model # AES (i read they put out better RGB)? cause i’d just want that, 1 or 2 sticks and whatever the everdrive is for it and call it a day, ideally for less than a stack


Crappy footage of Viewpoint Neo CD on the HDTV for Neo fans. I know not everyone frequents the Retro AV thread.

@IrishNinja, I think you’re relegated to eBay for an AES and you’ll have to look closely at the descriptions. Honestly, I’d probably buy one from Japan because they’ll probably give you a better price and better info on exactly what you’re getting. In my experience, Japanese retro stuff is always in even better condition than it looks in photos. You definitely want the original sticks, but I do like the pads that shipped with the Neo CD. They’re tight and comfortable.

I have not spent time looking at Everdrive options. I’m all AES carts. You can still get the low hanging fruit for reasonable prices but carts seem to be going up all the time. Here’s what I consider the “cheap” stuff…

Magician Lord
Nam 1975
Ghost Pilots
Samurai Shodown
World Heroes
World Heroes 2 Jet
Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury Special
Art of Fighting
King of Fighters '94
Super Baseball 2020
Samurai Shodown II (JPN)
The Super Spy
Top Player’s Golf
Ninja Combat

Borderline affordable…
Alpha Mission II
League Bowling
Baseball Stars 2
Crossed Swords
Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
Fatal Fury

As you can see, you can build a decent library from the affordable stuff on AES. Realistically though, prices right now are inflated. We used to be able to get a lot of the first list for like $50 and that’s not true of all of those anymore. Obviously, as time goes by and people realize how amazing the Neo library is, the games become more valuable. They’re not making them anymore!

Still, nothing beats slapping in those original carts. I’d miss that with an Everdrive.


The only thing that bothered me when I collected AES in the early 2000s was that the carts would get insertion marks on the front rather easily. Always bugged me, considering how much the games cost. I ended up selling my AES stuff and went MVS with a 2 slot mini cab, because the games were cheaper at the time. Plus, with shockboxes, it still scratches the AES itch for me.


Given how ugly so many carts for so many systems look today, insertion marks don’t really bug me. :slight_smile:

I considered going MVS, but the AES is my jawn. This is the third one I’ve owned. I stupidly sold/traded the previous two. I never should have given up the first one. Never sell your games!

It’s rare that I buy anything new now, but I still love what I have. The Neo Geo CD gave me cheaper access to the one game I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on for AES, and it also opens up some more options that are cheaper on CD so I’m dual AES-style now! It’s just a prestige system that makes me feel really good about retro gaming.


Took the plunge on a Cbox MVS and NeoSD,should be here Friday.I’m going to run it using component into my 20L5,I dont want to risk anything on my gscart. I’m also broke from buying these and cant afford a good scart cable so there’s that,lol. I sold an extra PVM to a local collector so that did take the sting off the pricetag. The seller included an AES controller which is awesome and I have a bunch of Japanese saturn pads to use. I’d like to get a NEO CD controller but they are very expensive!

I really wanted an AES but the NeoSD AES is sold out everywhere and wont be available for 2+ months,its not like there’s a cheap 161 (or cheap anything) otherwise I would have bought the console and waited. But having it in my setup with no games would have been too painful.


Meh… MVS is the way to go in my opinion. You did good


Is this the correct Scart cable for the Cbox that wont destroy an OSSC or Gscart?


The problem is the CMVS itself. If it’s sending out hot ass signals you’ll need to atune it correctly and there’s no universal cable for that.


From what I’ve been reading putting the correct resistors on the scart will take care of it,was just making sure those were correct. Its also an AES scart cable so I need to find one of those that have it.


The resistors will solve it assuming it’s purely a voltage issue. Has someone done the research on that model to determine the right resistance ?


Here’s a post I round on the neo geo reddit board.

‘‘This input supports video in RGBS, RGsB (sync on green) and YPbPr formats. Composite video, luma or composite sync can be used as a sync source in RGBS mode. External sync splitters or boosters are generally not required or recommended as there is a built-in sync filter & separator in the ADC frontend. The sync input has 75 ohm termination, so a TTL-level sync signal should not be directly connected to the OSSC in order to avoid unnecessarily stressing the source console and/or OSSC. A 470 ohm series resistor on the console side of the cable is generally a good solution when using cables which are wired for the TTL-level sync output of a console. The video inputs also have standard 75 ohm termination, so arcade boards may need extra resistors on the cable when connected directly without using a Supergun’’

So I’m thinking I need one of these and ask her to wire in a 470 ohm resistor on the console side of the cable,it already has the 75 ohm resistor on it.


I’m not familiar with the CMVS in question but if it’s putting out TTL sync it sounds like that resistor will be a solution !

I know the Windy super guns were blowing gscartsw from the audio output.


Got to (Young) Geese in AOF2, cheating bastard!

Gotta love 90’s silly references.


Best way to beat Geese is to sweep him to death. But yeah he is difficult, took me a while to fight him.


The moment you think that Ryo is at arms reach, but Krauzer Kaizer Wave your ass.

Bonus: current CD games


NICE collection!

OK, since you have so many, and you’ll know better than anyone, which ones are unbearable for loading times and which ones do you recommend? That Art of Fighting 3 box is on my list regardless.


Well, I’m quite tolerant of the loading times on the NGCD. But there is some games that even I find it excessive.

  • The Last Blade: The true tragedy of the Neogeo CD. Even with demo cut on, the loading times will wear you down. It seems that they fixed in LB2.
  • Ninja Masters: The game isn’t even graphically intensive (and a lot of frame cuts compared to the AES version), but the loading times are huge.
  • Super Sidekicks 3: I love this game to death, but the port is terrible. Almost 1 minute to load a match is unforgivable.

Everything else I think is bearable, even the KOF games but YMMV.