Samurai Shodown 64 Beta Cart gameplay footage!

Hey all,

I got invited over here by Peltz. At least thats the username he goes by over at ResetEra. I am assuming it’s the same here!

I recently came across a one of a kind beta cart for Samurai Shodown 64 and it works! Which is surprising because it was found in a field in California of all places lol

Figured people on here would enjoy this. Also I really am into the sight layout. Love the half sized submission box. So whoever chose that…bang up job!


Welcome! And great story how that was found.

I already follow you on YouTube. Keep up the good work and great videos.


It made Eurogamer just now


Wow this is awesome. Welcome to the community!

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Thanks! Happy to be here. I’ll switch this thread to a Master list of all the weird videos I do come Friday :slight_smile:

Welcome! What a crazy find, congrats!

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Glad to be here! I’m really digging the site design. Best forum I’ve used in awhile

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Welcome, seen your excellent threads over on reset.

I wish there was a neo geo 64 home console, I really like the look of 3d from this era.

I mean a Hyper home console was planned but when the arcade games flopped that was cancelled quite quickly. Which is a bummer

ESP considering it has the same CPU as the Nintendo 64. But the way the board handles graphics would have cost a fortune at home. It’s not a single GPU but like a bakers dozen of specialty bespoke silicon SNK / ADK developed.

Super interesting from a hardware perspective but from a “sell it for a reasonable price” perspective it would have been a nightmare


Continuing the tradition of home Neo Geo hardware and reasonableness then :smiley:

That’s interesting about it using the same CPU as the N64. I guess the FPGA N64 project will help in taking a small step to making an accurate recreation one day (I hope).

Yeah it’s such a weird design.

They licensed an existing CPU then just went WILD with the graphics chips

That’s how crazy it is


Welcome to the site! Just want to add, I really dig your videos.

How many games do you have for the hyper Neo geo 64? I’ve literally never seen one in the flesh before.

I have a full set. All seven games and now this prototype. There is a full Hyper playlist on my channel covering them all and I just re-edited my Beast Busters video as a look back episode.

Glad you enjoy the videos!

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Wow this got bigger than I expected


Congrats on blowing up

Thanks! The best part is it’s awesome…the worst part is tomorrow the stories fade and I’m back on the hunt for the next cool thing to find.

Which I love honestly haha

I think it’s incredible - the story and having a one of a kind must be a great feeling. It’s simply insane that it still exists! But at the same time it kinda makes you wonder… no one even knew it existed so would it have been missed if not found? Kind of like the sound of a tree falling in the woods with no one around! Then again, maybe we should assume these kinds of things exist somewhere for pretty much everything?

The differences are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things too. When you think of how many beta builds games must have over the course of development… it makes me wonder if that level of preservation is really “required”. In my own line of work, i’ve done so much stuff over the years that is now lost but none of it really has or even had any value. Nowadays stuff is stored in repositories so there’s some history, but even then I never have to look that far back, things push forward too fast!

Yes this is tip of the iceberg stuff. For every one thing found 99 things probably get thrown out / lost sadly

The thrill of the chase!

lol exactly. I have two more V rare items to show in the next few months…then it’s back to hunting!

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