HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


It’s a great looking shell and the addition of Saturn ports along with the various video output options is a huge plus. I hope someone can get to the bottom of the video levels frying someone’s OSSC as it’s a bit of a dark cloud hanging over the system.


Just watched it. Very cool system. Not a fan of that Saturn button layout though.


I already worked out why…and I very much doubt many of the cmvs consoles people build are set up to output video correctly. if you have one, get out a multimeter and check the voltage on the RGBS lines. Not surprised some out there are blowing up OSSC and gwscart units when they’re giving them 5 times the current they should be

I covered it in my CMVS build thread here: I'm building a NeoGeo CMVS! Progress and Details! (COMPLETED!), specifically this post: I'm building a NeoGeo CMVS! Progress and Details! (COMPLETED!)

you’re getting 5v output on those lines unless you knock them down properly:


Last week I did complete my RGB circuit and installed it into the CMVS I built. It knocks each RGB line down to the correct pre-amp voltage using some resistors, and then they’re put through to a THS7316 amp which outputs them at the correct 0.7v 75ohm for each line.

you dont want to feed 5v to the ossc on anything other than the scart blanking pin…

also, the above is exactly how the AES deals with the video. it’s generated by the ppu, knocked down to a pre-amp voltage then put through an amp before going to the output.


Wow, that is some pretty alarming power going through there.

I also noticed that these systems don’t have the stereo mod done even though they have stereo outputs on the back. So today, I took the console apart and fixed that error.


Yeah, the sync line was the highest. Iirc the others were 3v or so, still way over spec.

I’ve got another MV1C arriving today so I’ll give that a test too.


Rich dropping knowledge. So an RGB amp of sorts to sort out the voltage and this would be good to go, sure is tempting.


That Neo Geo mini is something I’m seriously considering if its got a great lineup of games (including their sports titles) and the hardware isn’t crap. The ability to hack it to add more games (essentially having the entire library of games) would be an added bonus.


I was at an arcade in Osaka last night that has a small floor devoted entirely to NeoGeo! I got my ass beat in KoF and MoTW but had a great time!


Did you take pictures? I’d love to see all those cabinets lined up.


Unfortunately I didn’t. Just imagine a bunch of candy cabs in a room filled with cigarette smoke!


Where was this and find anywhere else worth visiting in Osaka? Going to be in the Kansai region myself for three weeks towards the end of this month mostly to see friends and hiking but will be renting an apartment close to the Super Potato near Suminoe koen, Osaka for the duration.

Last time I was there I only checked out Denden town very briefly and said Super Potato as I was traveling around, had large distances I wanted to cover and many places planned to visit so didn’t want to get too many temptations to purchase “stuff” and then get bogged down with the extra weight.


I think the NeoGeo floor was at Athena arcade. It was listed on the sign out froth, I belive it was the 4th floor. I went there, Sega Avion, Namco and both Taito stations.

There’s two Super potatoes that I went to in Denden town but neither of them had good prices on anything. It was fun to go into because it’s a jammed packed love letter to gaming but if you’re just hunting for deals and short on time I’d recommend avoiding them.

I did find a great store across the street from Taito Station though! Prices and selection were great. From what I noticed it’s at least 50% cheaper then super potato! I belive its called “media recycle shop” but they have retro games up front and a tv with the Rockman 2 intro playing so you can’t miss it!

It’s across the street from here:

Taito station Osaka Nihonbashi
4丁目-9-14 Nipponbashi, Naniwa-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 556-0005, Japan
+81 6-6630-7270


Like you, I’m here with friends and shopping for games isn’t the reason I’m here but I’m happy to stop into stores when I find them. I’m headed for Kyoto today then Tokyo a few days after that!


How much do you guys think I could sell my CMVS for? I’m planning on building another one.

Enough to pay for a neoSD?


I think that media recycle shop is called A-too, the one in DenDen Town just in front of that Taito Station right? Was there last November, there´s decent deals to be had there. Definitely better than what you´ll get in Akiba´s Trader, Mandarake and of course Super Potato. They even dealt in some rare-ish arcade PCBs, too; prices weren`t too crazy either. Went to an A-too in Kyoto nearby Teramachi too, good prices but selection was more limited.


That’s the one ! They had a brand new panasonic Gameboy player there too that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of!


I got my MVS Last Blade from A-too. They do tax free as well if you present your passport, but just be warned all their prices are before tax to begin with.


I’ve looked and looked but could never find one so I’ve made my own.
So here it is. As far as I’m aware this is the first video on YouTube in English that shows how to replace the battery on the Neo Geo MVS MV-1C board.


Shouldn’t that board be using a 3V lithium rechargeable battery like most of the other 1 slot MVS boards?

Something like a VL1220 perhaps. I need to get one of these for my KoF2003 PCB sometime.

The 2/4/6 slots use those 3.6V NiCd (using NiMH as a replacement is better though) rechargeable batteries.


You could do but a 3.6 volunteer is also fine. I did quite a bit of research before opting for this battery. This seemed like the best long term solution. It’s similar to the PC Engine CD and how that stores save data.


Yeah I agree it probably will be fine due to its lower charging voltage and higher capacity but it might make the battery not last as long?

The only concern I had that I thought was worth mentioning is that the charging circuit on the one slots are designed for 3v lithium rechargeable coin batteries while the 2/4/6 slots charging circuit is designed for a 3.6v NiCd.

Heard there can be serious issues if you put a lithium battery in a NiCd circuit but cant find any reliable information about going the other way around.

Just found a mention on the neo-geo forum archives which I’ll quote below talking about a 6 slot though:

Link: http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-203428-p-2.html