How do you all store your controllers?

I think this is the hardest part of the hobby to make “neat”. No matter what, whenever I’m about to start a session, I have to go to a set of drawers and dig for the right input device. They’re all in individual zip-lock freezer bags so the cords don’t get tangled, but I still find this to be the most annoying part of starting a game.

Has anyone come up with a better way? I have like… 50 controllers if I had to guess and it becomes a bit much to try and dig through them all for the right one.

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Keen to hear from everyone on this tbh. I’m currently doing a huge clearout of the garage including all the retro stuff and looking for a better way to organise all the controllers.

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I have different controllers in different drawers. I have my “usuals” in one drawer and my less used ones in another. I use cable cuffs to mange cords. You can get the small cuffs for about a dollar.

I have two boxes, one for Dreamcast controllers one for PlayStation controllers. I let the cords run free.

Then all my Wii controllers are in a laptop bag. :man_shrugging:t3:


Here’s what my main drawer looks like. Switch pro controller is downstairs at the moment.


I have a closet in my gaming room and on the door to the closet hanging on the inside I have one of those over the door shoe organizers its a fabric type material with pockets for many controllers most retro controllers fit in the pockets. N64 controllers poke out a bit but long as your careful they don’t fall out.


I have a little 5-drawer thing dedicated to controllers, and I organize them by brand.


Unfortunately I have way too many controllers, and there are too many of each brand to fit in each of the top 4 drawers, so I have a general “messy box” stored elsewhere that has anything that I don’t regularly use.


I haven’t set it up myself yet, but I own one of those over the door shoe hanger things. @the_standard’s method. Here’s an example…


Badly. :frowning:

My modern controllers are on charging docks. I have a drawer underneath my monitor which stores my main controller for each system. I keep extra controllers in a 4-drawer shelf unit. 2 drawers for NIntendo controllers. 1 for Sega. And another for everything else. Whatever is left, I store in a bin.

I used to display some of my controllers, such as my character wiimotes, but no controllers are displayed at the moment.