Let's talk Game Storage.

So I don’t have the space (or desire) to display my entire collection of games so I try to box games and store then where I can have easy access to them without taking over a closet or room.

I found some containers that work really well for PS1, DC, Saturn, NES, Famicom and the 3/DS family boxes. If you box your GBA/GB games in DS boxes it will work great too.

They fit nicely under the bed. I suppose I can use this type of box for DVD sized boxes but there might be a more efficient box for my storage needs.

I’m looking for a clean solution for DVD and Blu-ray sized game boxes, SNES, & N64. Any pointers would be welcome.

Yea… I am redecorating and in the process of working on this right now. I was going to get Brickbox shelves. But they look kinda rough for the look I’m going for in my place.

I am now looking into Vitsoe shelves. Those will probably make my collection look super fucking sexy. For reference, here are vitsoe shelves:

They are fully modular and customizable.


I’m going to tear out a closet in my game room. I’m wondering if that system could support a crt or two on a shelf. I’m always wary of that. I like to keep my retro game stuff in a closet. That could perhaps remedy my situation without having to a full closet build.

I’d venture to say, no it can’t. I certainly wouldn’t attempt it without consulting with the manufacturer first.

I wouldn’t chance it, however I can gut the closet easy and build a tv stand and use the modular nature of that kit to have storage on what would be adjacent wasted space.

A key thing to remember for shelving is no direct sunlight or all your spines will be ruined.

Here’s what I originally had ordered:

Brickbox shelves. They’re basically lego-like boxes made of birch and white laminate that become interlocked shelves when stacked. They don’t even need to be anchored.

They look decent head-on but the handles when viewed from the side leave me feeling like they’re a bit like dorm furniture. Expensive dorm furniture too. I like them but don’t LOVE them, and decided to stop buying shit I’m not really into these days. The thing is, if they offered a handle-less version with choices of different species of wood, they’d probably be a huge hit. The birch/white/handle combo really limits the appeal.

Just a heads up: bookshelves and totes are great, but if you have a little one, or are planning on having one, find something that LOCKS. I have 360 games with teeth marks in the cases as proof.

some sharp solutions here…I use.universal game cases for NES/SNES/N64 carts, not everyone’s favorite but with good quality printouts I dig em

I found another brand I was curious about but those game cases add a ton of bulk to your collection.

Does anyone store in boxes like me?

I think the only way to properly DISPLAY games, is custom built in shelves. There’s no other way for a large collection. The differing box and cartridge sizes are such a PITA to properly show.

I, of course, don’t have anything close to this. I have a shitload of billy bookcases with doors.

So, I don’t think this would work in a closet, but they DO offer desk solutions/integration that would most likely work with a CRT:

You could make a SUPER FUCKING SICK setup with these if you’re made of money. I could envision incorporating 2 CRTs (one for TATE) as well as a wall mounted HDTV, as well as media shelves for every system/component all wall mounted. That would be amazing.

Those shelves are specifically designed for receivers and such. They offer wiring holes in the back and cable management. Someday, if I ever meet a girl and move into a bigger apartment, I’d totally redo my setup like this from the ground up.

Check out all the screens here:

The customization options for consoles, controllers, and game storage are just mindblowing, really:

The best part of the system is how flexible and modular it is. You can add/remove cabinets and shelves as you see fit:

I wanted something uniform that could hold a lot of games (in the thousands) for my Game Room. I had gone with the display games on a shelf idea before but it isn’t for me. I want to be able to have anyone pull out a box, sit down, and play. I went with Kallax shelving and Skubb boxes to hold the games. Each box is for a different system and there is a printout of what is in each box. I plan to use box/cart protectors to keep dust out and I’m going to attach a label to to top of the cart protector to easily identify Japanese games. I had originally decided to go with a blank & white look but the black Skubb boxes made everything look too dark in an already dark basement.

Thanks for the pix of those Iris storage boxes. I just ordered two from their website. I’ve got DS cases coming out of my ears along with some other stuff that I can easily pack away like that. I’m totally OUT of shelf space.

I use the Ikea media width shelves at home along (Besta series I think?) with another media size bookshelf I bought at Best Buy some years ago. Media depth shelving is definitely less prevalent and it’s frustrating.

This is the one you want…

The depth is 7 7/8". It’s perfect for CD/DVD/DS cases. Great for cartridges too. The only thing that exceeds it is Neo Geo boxes or Shockboxes.

Bankers boxes works for quick and easy storage, but dosn’t really look the best. Can also fit well inside those cube shelves you see everywhere.

Plastic and cardboard boxes are from muji.com everything else are from paperchase or I find storage containers from random cheap stores

I’m a big fan of the Sterilite cases I get at Target. I also buy silicone packets to absorb moisture and keep the contents from having that gross plastic smell that old game consoles, & controllers are want to do.

I think I have to go with drawers in my ‘final solution’ actually.

Out of the light, well organised, winner.

First I need a permanent house…

^same! permanent house to hold all my cool shit is high on the list, haha

for me though - and you can see from some of my less aesthetically-pleasing shots - i put accessibility over style most times; i loathe how many games i have to pile horizontally on top of some shelves for lack of more space. a well-curated collection should be easily accessible during any drunken whim!

Dieter Rams. You continue to impress me with your taste, Petlz.