How is Streets of Rage 3? Everyone is always saying SoR 2 is the best so I never even tried it

Just curious why people never talk about this game. From footage I’ve seen, it looks very similar to SoR2. It’s also listed at pretty high prices on ebay compared to other games (around 100 or so).

I’m just curious what people’s impressions of it are on RGB.


I’m not a huge fan of SoR3 - it’s a butchered version of the original Bare Knuckle 3, which is a fun and fast paced game. What the West got was a censored version with a higher and very unfun difficulty curve.

If they had released BK3 as it was in the west, it would have been far more fondly remembered.

When it comes to the OST, that’s a different matter and very subjective.

It’s ok but not my favorite, and not worth current asking price. I do enjoy the dash and roll mechanics, but I can’t stand the soundtrack, its just too busy and nonsensical for my taste. Ive only played through it a few times, compared to playing 1 and 2 quite often.

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Absolutely agree, but Bare Knuckle 3 in itself is fabulous. I think once it clicks with you, it’s hard to think why people hate it so much.

It’s one of those games I think people avoid simply because they get too hyped up on SoR2, gameplay and soundtrack, but it’s actually up there with SoR2 for me, maybe even beating it.

Definitely give it a chance @Peltz - you might end up hating it but you might also end up wondering why on earth you avoided it to begin with.

Get that sick bass pumping too, the soundtrack is an acquired taste but totally worth it.

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The US version is fairly well butchered. That’s really the main issue with it other than the soundtrack is polarizing coming from the incredible and more mainstream sounding SoR2.


Man, that’s extensive. It’s almost as bad as a working designs localization. yeesh.

SOR3’s difficulty is brutal, hell I barely managed to 1CC it on Normal mode. Hard mode is a joke that’s not fun at all as it’s hilariously unbalanced when regular enemies can have a lot of health and do up to 50% damage from a single combo which eats up half of your life bar. I beaten Hard mode but I did not like that mode at all. And the regional differences are just too much, better off with BK3.