Rainbow Cotton announced for Switch/PS/XBox.

Dreamcast port, never got around to importing it. Heard it wasn’t all that great but it still looks like a fun, colorful rail shooter and considering the DC copy now averages around $400 this is definitely a good option to have:


Sadly it’s a really crappy game.
I’ve tried to like it many times since its original release but unless the fix the aiming, there’s no chance this will be any good. Oh, and they also need to beef up the weapon power.

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Man I like Cotton but it’s been overload recently. I highly enjoyed Reboot but then Fantasy didn’t do it for me.

Wish I’d bought the Saturn games 20 years ago when they were cheap!

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Agreed about the overload, it’s made the games feel less special to me without time to breathe between releases.

If Success is happy to delve into and license their back catalogue to others it would be nice if they were more adventurous.

I think there’s a bigger audience today for games like Tokyo Bus Guide and its sequel.

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So I ended up pre-ordering Rainbow Cotton as I read they are working on the game to make it control better.

We’ll see I guess. I do love Cotton 1, 2 and Reboot. Maybe I should give Fantasy another shot.

It took me a while to warm to but I now play it more than any other version, so much variation in how each character plays. The rank can be pretty brutal though, be sure to get the stages you find the hardest out of the way first.