Should I resurface these scratched games I want to sell?

Hi everybody.

I put this thread in the VG instead of sales forum because I just need advice; I’m not trying to sell anything at the moment. If the thread needs to be moved, I apologize.

I was looking through my Turbo Duo collection to sell and realized a few of my games (complete) are very high value, but the discs are covered in numerous minor scratches. The games in question are Dungeon Explorer II and Exile: Wicked Phenomenon - both seem pretty valuable in good shape.

Should I sell them as-is or try to resurface them? If I need to resurface them, how and where do I do that without lowering their value?

I’d personally sell them as-is, especially if they play fine as they are. Other people here may have other opinions and should chime in, but I’m pretty risk averse and if I was selling I’d just sell as-is and maybe mention they could be resurfaced to remove the scratches.

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I also think that you should sell it as-is. IMO people should resurface only dead games without any disk rot, because it could kill perfectly fine games. My experience with resurfacing:

  • killed a badly scratched but functional game (1)
  • revived a dead game (1)
  • dead games stayed dead (3)
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Definitely sell as is. Don’t resurface unless the game won’t boot.

Resurfacing carries the risk of ruining it.

Do they boot up and play fine? Sell as-is.

Thanks for the suggestions, everybody. Hopefully the games will sell all right. :slight_smile:

Oh dam. I didn’t know resurfacing could run disks.

From what I can tell, it’s fairly unlikely if you take it to a good place. But there’s certainly a risk factor.

Someone resurfaced a disk right before selling it to me and it didn’t work :-/