Box and cartridge protectors

I assume a lot of you get protectors for your game boxes, especially for the cardboard boxes. I have box protectors for most of my cardboard boxes, and cartridge protectors for some of my more expensive carts, but I’m running out and am planning on getting more. So I was wondering where you guys usually buy yours?

I have mostly bought mine from Video Game Box Protectors but I know there are other sellers as well. Shipping to Europe is also pretty expensive, so does anyone know a good place to get them in Europe?

And finally, does anyone know if someone sells protectors for the small box Famicom games, like the early Nintendo and Namco releases? I’ve been looking for years for them but so far no one seems to produce them. I’ve even inquired about it to some sellers but they say no one has asked about it before so it might be tricky to make a profit, which is understandable. But is there really no demand for these?! There are more than a few Famicom games with small boxes after all.

The same seems to be true for Japanese Game Boy and Game Boy Color boxes, but I haven’t really looked if those are available these days.

I’ve used for years. I’ve heard good things about but I have yet to order from them.

Yeah they are the ones I’ve been using as well. Looking at a couple of european sellers it seems the shipping is still pretty high at around €19 inside the EU! Wtf! So I might as well keep using videogameboxprotectors unless someone else knows a european seller with reasonable shipping costs.

Is there anyone else here interested in protectors for small box Famicom games? Maybe we could voice our interest together to make it happen! :slight_smile:

Yes I would LOVE small (and medium) Famicom box protectors. Nobody makes them.

I was just in touch with the dude who runs Boxprotectorshop in the netherlands and he seems to be interested in producing both sizes! He said he’s going to be making a bunch of new boxes anyway in a few months and asked me for the sizes. So we’ll se what happens I guess. I’ll update this thread when I hear back from him. :slight_smile:

Sounds great dude.

I had some custom ones made for Mark III a couple of years ago at great expense. But the (very) small Famicom ones are surely in demand, The entire first two years of the console were in those boxes or just slightly larger (eg the early Konami ones).

Speaking of which, I use GBA protectors for the early Konami games and similar. They’re too big but better than nothing.

does anyone know where you can get a box protector for the NES rob bundle console? I can’t seem to find one.

Probably need a custom for that.

RE Small box Famicom game protectors, I think I’m getting serious about getting some. They’re the oldest and in some cases quite valuable Famicom games. And I have quite a few now

Anyone found any? I may order some customs.


What’s the game between Galaxian and Space Invaders? Is that Chack n Pop?

It is indeed, or as it says there ちゃっくんぽっぷ Chyakkun poppu!

The Bubble Bobble prequel.

I have so run out of room that my shelves are two deep now too…

Here’s the feature games of that mini collection: a near mint Donkey Kong, of course the first ever Famicom game.

And I also have the rare ones, Donkey Kong Jr Math and Popeye English.

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Hmmm. Guess i just accidentally bought Chack n Pop for the Famicom.

This is one of the reasons I love this site. I had never seen Chack 'n Pop before today and man, I’ve played a TON of arcade games since the 70’s. Wow! Very cool to see those Monstas. Is this the first appearance of them? They’re in later Taito games, too.

Yeah it’s a single screen arcade game like B.B. and the first appearance of several Bubble Bobble enemies. It’s not that great but is historically interesting and still cute

RE Box protectors, got this reply from Retropretection

The closest and only thing I see close to that size is the N64 Cartridge protectors. They are roughly 11.7 x 7.7 (almost 7.8) x 2cm. When I calculate it out from inches they are 11.7 x 7.77 x 2.06cm to be more exact.


I might try one, and also wait for a reply from other makers.

Heyo, I was in contact with the dude from Holland when I made this thread and he said he’d get back to me. He was interested in making them, both for the small and the medium ones.

As for the N64 cartridge protectors, they’re a tad too thin to comfortably fit the small boxes unfortunately. I was in contact with the retroprotect dude myself I think and gave him that idea originally. But it’s good if more of us inquire about these since then perhaps they’ll know there’s a market for them.

Awesome thanks. I have a guy in Australia who I’m waiting to hear back from too, but it can be quite expensive for customs. I had some SG1000 and Mark III customs done.

Thread hijack. Who is the artist responsible for those monsters? and probably Bubble Bobble and more?

Guess I’ll post some pics later. It has nice art of the enemies in the manual too.

Just some guy at Taito in 1983 I guess.

I want to get the SG1000 version too.

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