Ident Micro One (Raspberry Pi + RISC OS = DIY computer kit)

A sort of keyboard case with extras for Raspberry Pi allowing you to run RISC OS and play Zarch (aka Virus) and other Acorn Archimedes classics.

I like the case. I learned about RISC OS not long ago when I was reading about the Acorn Archimedes. From what I understand though, a modern ARM can’t use original Archimedes software, it has to be adapted / compiled for the modern processor first, or run in an emulator. That kind of defeats the purpose of seeking a computer using a CPU from the same family as the original ancient computer.

I find it interesting that they are selling it as a computer in kit, complete with an OS, when it really is nothing more than a keyboard that can fit a Raspberry pi board.

I may get one at some point, either with RISC OS or another OS designed for the Pi, I don’t know yet. I think it’s a good addition for the machine and helps taking it seriously. Helps me anyway. I would have liked if the left side had cut-outs for expansions.

The case has an MSX vibe to it I think?

Yes you’re absolutely right regarding ARM. There’s a guy on youtube who runs “JASPP” an Archimedes software preservation project. He converts old game code to 32-bit to get them running on modern ARM chips like Raspberry Pi. Fascinating stuff!