PC Mini Classic


  • 30 games
  • HDMI and Composite
  • USB
  • SD card slot
  • ARM chip (ref)

Beware the Mini Classic with no game list.


  • Crowd funding 2018
  • Release 2019


  • Unit-e (creator of Neon FM rhythm game)
  • they officially licensed 150+ songs for Neon FM


  • Software?
  • Games?
  • Multi-player?
  • $99?

Funny FAQS

Will the PC Classic come in other colors? Chain-smoker beige doesn’t complement my furniture.

Yes, heretic, we will also offer at least 1 other color in a more modern palette. The faceplate will also more closely match the enclosure color in production models.

Can’t I just buy a Raspberry Pi, an enclosure, gamepad, keyboard, and mouse, 3D print a faceplate, install Armbian, buy 30+ games, build the source for ARM or install/configure in DOSBox for each and every game, create a menu system with game art, and tell everyone about it at parties?


Really thought this was going to be a “what if” thread. Sounds cool and am interested.

The 30+ games will be one of those 50 PC GAMES ONE ONE DISK things you saw in bargain bins.

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Is the Composite output for 16 colours Composite CGA?

It’s likely not

Color me intrigued.

Just give me Battle Chess and I can justify this.

Oh this has to be a joke… Is totally a joke, rig… Oh.

What does it really have to offer that a raspi with DOSBOX doesn’t already do? It’s not like the Nintendo or Sega classics where you have a brand attached. Half the reason people buy the classic systems is because they come with authentic controllers, in a cute package, with branding they love.

Sure the case is cute, but that can be a raspi case manufactured by literally anyone.

What will they do for controllers? A mouse and keyboard don’t exactly make for good couch gaming, and everyone’s history with controllers/joysticks/racing wheels in the PC world would be different.

Maybe I’m just in a cynical mood today… But this is garnering zero interest from me, and I grew up as a PC gamer.

Wait… is this a joke or not?

Excuse me, but with all due respect, it’s made by a guy wearing a baja. You know he’s going to produce a sharp product.

All kidding aside, a PC Mini with a classic selection of 1989 - 1995 era games would be right in my wheelhouse. Imagine booting something like this and having Ultima Underworld, Wing Commander, a couple Sierra Quest games, Monkey Island 2, Commander Keen 6, Doom… It would be pretty great.

I mean, I have all of those on GoG, and run them perfectly in DosBox, but it’d be a neat device. I know the FPGA scene has been getting into some other PC hardware, when are we going to get a IBM 486 equivalent FPGA?

@BTails MiSTer FPGA already has a 486 core: http://github.com/MiSTer-devel/ao486_MiSTer

@raskulous I have no idea what the USP of this is, unless they really do score some great game licenses.

@Peltz for international folks, what’s a baja?

If we get an option to load our own DOS games on it, it would be cool. I guess it would simplify things if you don’t want to set up your own Raspi system.

One of these things:

Hahahahahaha :joy: I see

1.) I had no clue wtf a Baja was outside of the context of Taco Bell and a Baja Fresh/Baja Blast

2.) I definitely had one or two of these as a kid I think >_<

I had one in college when I was in my “the universe will provide” phase.


During that period in my life, I had bleached blonde hair and glasses that changed colour in the sun :sunglasses:

I had transition lenses in high school and thought they were the shiz lol.

Interesting, we called them reactolite lenses

They could be ballsy and focus on the early 80s period of 4.77MHz 8086 IBM computers and clones. You know, the original PC.

With a bunch of infocom and Sierra games, the original Wolfenstein and Microsoft flight simulator, Alley cat, etc.

But they won’t. Instead it will be a hodgepodge of games spanning over two decades, with rights snatched through gog or something.

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It’s safe to say we all smoked alot of weed in highschool