Import Gaming - Tools and Techniques

I thought it would be useful to share apps, tools and techniques that can be used to make our hobby a little easier. None of these are silver bullets, but together they make spelunking for import gaming information a whole lot easier.




Very nice thread. I need to get some of those Workflows onto my phone.

Great example of using the Google Translate app on a Japanese manual.

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How to extract text from an image and translate using Google Drive & Docs

  1. Upload the image to your Google Drive
  2. Right click image and choose Open with > Google Docs

A new document will be created containing the image and extracted text

  1. In Google Docs choose Tools > Translate document… and choose your target language

A second document will be created with the translated text


Example results…

I also do a second translation using copy and paste of the text into Google Translate, the results are often subtly different and you are allowed to see alternative translations for each word/phrase/line

I then submit Staff lists like this to MobyGames so that everybody can benefit.

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Very nice. When I found out that google translator app was so easy to use, I translated and add the Art of Fighting prologue manga to a replacement booklet that I made for my copy of AOF CD.

Translated Scan (Portuguese)

Printed version

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Nice touch! Well done

Retranslated the prologue story from Samurai Shodown 3. Turns out that the English translation is more or less faithfull to the original source, but they cutted this amazing Zankuro illustration, so I’m gonna replace that page.

PS - Yep, I did it on paint. Don’t @ me.


Printed version.