Old Japanese Game Magazines: GAMEST, BEEP, FAMITSU, etc

I’m looking for Japanese game magazine GAMEST, issues 30—41 (1989/03—1990/02)

Anybody? eBay prices are crazy so I may try to buy them from someone Japan myself.

But just asking to see if there’s anybody else as mad as me here.


Managed to find two issues thanks to a friendly gamer by the name of Chris Covell. He scanned the articles I was after!

So, 10 issues to go.

Hi!. Did you eventually manage to get the Famitsu issue 39?

Or do you know where could I buy or get appropriate scans or who can assist?



I own GAMEST 38 thanks to @harborline_765 who is in Japan right now and bought one for me just last weekend! That one issue cost about £20 and my hope is that scanning and sharing may encourage others to do the same.

I have select scans (only of the GAMEST column in was interested in) from all issues 30-41 thanks to #Shmupulations who specialise in old Japanese developer interviews/columns. They are yet to be translated.

I’m still looking for a larger repo of such scans but the Japanese don’t seem to share their scans as freely as the West.

There are only 20 Famitsu issues that I’m aware of whose scans have been shared openly:



I see. Collecting certain issues is not that easy as I thought. :slight_smile:
£20 is not that much in my case, as I need one article for my project. I’ll check some other sources and return with feedback in case of success.

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May I ask which article? If it’s development related maybe Shmupulations will have it? If so you could make a patron donation to them.

Older issues are more expensive as you’d imagine. I’m not sure about Famitsu prices as I’m currently only really interested in GAMEST and BEEP.

People at retromags.com have full Famitsu collections, but are yet to scan them. They may be persuaded to scan the specific article you’re looking for?

I am preparing a video about the first Final Fantasy creation history. The Famitsu magazine was the first (and the only one to the moment) who reviewed the game, thus I thought it worths to be mentioned. I know, I’m probably doing something already done many times before, but in my opinion noone pays enogh attention to details, so I decided to make a try.

Shame on me, I’ve neither heard about shmuplations nor about retromags.com before. Thank you for the links, I definitely should contact them first.

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OK well the additional context of Final Fantasy is enough to find what you want using Google.

My google image search query: famitsu 1987 December 25 final fantasy
gives the result in the first row - woop!

Scan of review page from http://www.rockman-corner.com/2017/10/what-did-famitsu-think-of-rockman-1.html

Final Fantasy is the leftmost column

download hi-res: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-BThQIRK5wOI/Wedq-xcfiHI/AAAAAAAAXZs/ok56Ju7LoGk8f8imWfCKwjjdG58KNa83wCLcBGAs/s1600/CJCVZhV.jpg

Historic review on Famitsu site

Chris Covell has the issue of Famitsu that you are interested in, and he’s been kind enough to scan select pages for me in the past. http://www.chrismcovell.com/secret/jp_mags/Japanese_Magazines-all.html

Please reply if this is enough, or if you need more help.

Matt, you are a man of great help! I am surprised about how fast you found the page I’ve looked for! That is exactly what I need, so it’s enough. Thanks a lot. :blush:


Many hours spent practising my google-fu - so I’m happy to help

Please let us know when your video goes live!

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Great new initiative by an Italian guy to scan and share his ancient and extensive Japanese magazine collection: https://twitter.com/JapaneseMagScan

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