Issue with Sega CD and Popful Mail [FIXED]

The battery can be changed, but it’s soldered in place.

Plus, the battery is a rechargeable type, ML2016, so you can’t use a regular lithium button cell without causing problems. You’ll have to replace the battery with either the same type or possibly even find a way to install a 2032 coin cell holder and install an ML2032 (not a CR2032, as that kind of battery isn’t meant to be recharged).

BTW, what model Sega CD do you have?

Changing a battery is one of the easier hacks you can do. I haven’t needed to replace the battery in any of my Sega CDs yet but I’ve replaced batteries a Dreamcast and some carts. Basically, you just need to use your soldering iron to remove the previous battery and then solder in a new one keeping in mind the battery’s polarity. It can probably be done in under 10 minutes.