FS: Triple Bypassed/Recapped Sega Genesis

I had so much fun resurrecting that AV Famicom for Graveyard Duck that I decided to try my hand at resurrecting a lot of Sega Genesis consoles. The first one I wrapped up is A Model 2 VA1 Genesis. It arrived with bad solder joints on the power jack. Easy fix. After that I Fully recapped it, added a fresh Blue LED, Installed the Insurrection Industries V2 Triple Bypass, and cleaned and polished the shell.

Really happy with how this one came out. It looks and sounds awesome.

I wanted to post it here before putting it up on EBay. I’d love for it to go to a member of our community. Going to charge less for it here too.

I’m asking $120 + shipping. Console Only.

I hope it finds a good home here.

Bump: Changed price for RGBers.


Looks awesome! Too bad its a model 2, or I might be interested.

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I have a couple of Model 1’s that I’m working on next.

Looking forward to it! Will you be able to make it reginofree also? As i am in pal-land, that would be great for me.

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I haven’t done a region switch yet. No time to learn like the present! I’ll see what I can figure out.


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Bumping this thread once more before posting this for sale elsewhere.

Bump. Price drop for RGBers.

Bump. Price drop for RGBers.