Contra Anniversary Collection for Nintendo Switch


10 classic Contra games in one package all on your Nintendo Switch

Game’s included:-

Contra (Arcade version, North American version and Japanese* version)
Super Contra
Super C
Operation C
Contra III: The Alien Wars
Contra Hard Corps

Probotector (European Mega Drive version)
Super Probotector Alien Rebels (European SNES version)

*Japanese versions will be released later via an update

BONUS CONTENT - The History of Contra (74 pages bonus e-book)

Missing in Action:
  Contra Force
  Probotector (European NES version)
  Probotector (European Game Boy version)
  Contra: Legacy of War
  C The Contra Adventure
  Neo Contra
  Contra: Shattered Soldier
  Contra 4
  Contra ReBirth
  Hard Corps: Uprising

Anyone bought it yet?

I don’t have a Switch. I give up on Nintendo consoles since O.G. Wii.

Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces - PAL NES
Contra: The Alien Wars/Probotector 2 - Game Boy port of Contra Spirits
Contra Hard Spirits - GBA mash up of Spirits and Hard Corps

It’s very strange they have two Probos but not all. Only seven distinct games and two EU/UK/AU versions.

I picked this up recently along with the Arcade Classics Collection by Hamster. All the Konami collections are 75% off right now, at least on the Switch.

Haven’t played Contra yet, but I am disappointed Rebirth and some of the other 2D games didn’t make it in, especially considering how developer M2 made Rebirth themselves!

Managed to get a couple of hours in this evening!

Technically speaking it’s very similar to M2’s work on the Castlevania Collection, as expected, but with the addition of rapid fire toggle and hold buttons.

But that does mean the scanline filters, like M2’s other recent work on the mini consoles and Namcot Collection, are quite dark, and the Game Boy filter is just OK.

Contra III and Neo Contra aside, this is a series I haven’t played of, I’ve always wanted to play the Famicom adaptation of Super-C, which I started today, and I’m loving it so far.

While I found Contra III almost too exacting, Super-C is astonishingly well designed, serving up a firm-but-fair challenge that still gives you plenty of room to try new approaches instead of being tunnelled into a specific route. I also played Game Boy’s Operation C, which may well have been a director’s cut of Super-C. Really impressive programming and authenticity to its level designs and controls, though it isn’t as impressively forward thinking on the level design front as the Game Boy Castlevanias were.

Edit: Konami’s Bonus Book might be worth the price of entry alone, due to the interview with Nobuya Nakazato, who talks about developing the games starting from when he joined Konami in the late 80s (back when it was based in Kobe), and the design documents detail the fascinating evolution of the series, from concept to enemy and level designs. Operation-C was always designed to not stray from the elements of the first two Famicom titles according to the concept document, which explains a lot. It does what it sets out to do really well in those terms.

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