Konami PixelPuzzle (Picross)

I’ve been playing this for the past couple days. I usually shy away from mobile games but this doesn’t have any in app purchases, just some banner ads and an ad after every completed puzzle.

They really reached into their archives to get all sorts of pixel assets and the classic Konami music is fantastic.

They may eventually ask you to pay for additional hints if you’re stuck, but I haven’t found that option yet.



I’ve been debating making a thread about this for a while. I’ve never gotten into Picross (just never tried it), but I’ve been insanely addicted to this game since launch. There’s 500 puzzles in it, and I’m approaching 20%, which makes me a little terrified of how much time I’ve put into the game.

I’m at 13.5% after a couple of days. It’s super addictive.

I haven’t owned a Nintendo product since SNES, so I honestly had no idea what Picross was. I just like Gradius and Castlevania.

Now I have to bring a phone charger to work with me.

I’ll check it out just for the Konami history stuff!

Considering Bomberman R for the same reason.

This is cool. Will check it out but it doesn’t appear to be out in Europe on the App Store yet. Is there a way to disable those PES 2019 adverts though?

On a related note, I wonder who developed this. It could be in-house, or it could be Jupyter, or it could be people from Hudson since they did a Picross-like game on the DS.

Not getting any ads in New Zealand. Guess we got off lucky! Currently at 10%, definitely a great time waster.

Not available in the UK Apple store :slightly_frowning_face:

I thought I was going crazy too :o

Ooh cool. I wonder why no ads for us…

Edit: Oh wait, I spotted one banner ad.